Vologda - Christmas Capital of Russia , where Santa Claus really helps people

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Posted on: 18/12/2013 20:04

Vologda - Christmas Capital of Russia , where Santa Claus really helps people

18.12.2013 held a press conference "Vologda - Christmas Capital of Russia" . Chief Russian Father Frost , who came from his fiefdom in Veliky Ustyug , spoke about plans for the fabulous holidays , and Alex Sherlygin , first deputy governor of the Vologda region - about how power tends to develop tourism in the region and earn a great tradition .

Federal project " Christmas Capital of Russia" is designed to stimulate the development of domestic tourism . Series of events will be December 29, 2013 Mr. and last until Christmas - January 7, 2014 Vologda authorities expect that in this decade the region will visit more than 100 thousand people.

According to Alexei Sherlygina , the main thing that guests trapped in a fairy tale, believe that the "heart" of the New Year beating in Vologda, and Santa Claus will do everything to make this fairy tale come true story .

"Tale of Santa Claus knows every adult and child , - says Alexey Sherlygin . - The Ministry of Culture of Russia has decided to make a holiday in Vologda as the main place for a winter holiday . "

In the Vologda region there , what to see curious tourists . According to officials , this holiday a great responsibility on the stages of development of tourism can actually be the starting point along the way, where the tale becomes a driving force for the development potential of the region . "Our task is to pull people from the tables with a salad , so they went to talk to each other. On this day, the price does not matter , the main thing - to create a fairy tale people "- Alexei Sherlygina opinion .

Santa Claus story about his work in preparation for the holiday. He traveled to Germany, where he taught the Germans to his name . Then visited Belarus, where the project was 10 years old , and congratulated his colleague with 12 Russian Santa Clauses and three Belarusian counterparts from the good cause . Grandfather came to the conclusion that they have nothing to share , and decided to act jointly to peoples lives become more hopeful story. " Winter wizards can work wonders. And we can prove it "- told reporters Grandfather Frost . Spoke about his patrimony in Sochi, where the event will go to the non-stop , at the same time invited there German and Belarusian brother in the cold .

Then announced his desire to visit on New Years Day childrens hospital or a school cadet corps , veterans home . It is wonderful that our Santa Claus took up social theme. After more in our country on this subject can not count on anyone except on the fairytale character , creative Russians miracles . Another promised residents of Vologda and guests plenty of surprises and entertainment. And before the chimes Santa Claus decided that it would be great to sing in the town square the Russian anthem with all the assembled citizens.

Santa Claus said that , judging from the letters to the wishes of many people suffering from a lack of kindness and warmth that is missing adults and children love and understanding. He and his aides immediately distinguished by the nature of the letters written by those adults that children write . As a rule, adults feed follow request the material plane , but the children write about their parents wishes of happiness and health . Santa Claus told a curiosity that happened a few years ago . From one military unit , received a letter , which asked them to send sweet . Grandpa sent them sweets and jam. After some time received a reply on the official letterhead of the commander of , say, read out a letter in front of the whole structure , each soldier was on candy and ate , and left as the most expensive gift . According to Santa Claus , support troops and most serious problem , because due to the fact that they perform their duty to the country we meetings New Year in peace.

When they say that Santa Claus does not believe it to this retorted: "Believe in me is not necessarily , but know that I have - you have to ." According to him , many young people only show their indifference , it seems that now Missed be good quality and it is perceived as a weakness of character . "This is the biggest misconception - says Santa Claus . - Anger and jealousy is the destiny of wimps. I try to help young people . After all, they have so many problems now ! ". Nearly 400 children received a real help, thanks to the intervention of Santa Claus. This is a real miracle when a character makes a fabulous job for negligent officials .

According to the Deputy Governor, Vologda compete everything - from businessmen to elders homes for the best New Year decoration of the enterprise, the yard , etc. The town center is set to King - Hill " length of 120 m and a height of 10 m will be presented folklore , cultural and sports activities . More than 50 trees found in the regional center .

Santa Claus has warned that he is not a prophet or a soothsayer, that the new year will be exactly the way each of us will do it myself.

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance" 

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