Vitaly Sokolov - ten years in the electoral system, Yaroslavl region

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 05/08/2013 20:05

Vitaly Sokolov - ten years in the electoral system, Yaroslavl region

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Yaroslavl oblast election commission. Half of that period in its composition Vitaly Sokolov. His biography is different from the way of life of many Soviet people - the school, the Young Communist League, college, university, work.

After the collapse of the USSR Vitaly not "dropped out" of the social environment - he changed jobs, but not the values ??of life. Remained faithful to the ideas of social justice, passed a chore. In 2003, the Bureau of the Yaroslavl Regional Committee of the Communist Party he recommended to the commission Election Commission of Yaroslavl region. Since then - in an active public order, but on another level.

Ten-year experience of working in the regional election commission and the experience of seeing previous years of the electoral process can make generalizations. After all, it is often attracted to the elections at various levels: from the Soviet times: in the precinct (eg, engine plant) and territorial (Lenin Zavolzhsky and Yaroslavl regions) and the District Commission (Lenin, Dzerzhinsky and Kirov regions) and for the third convocation of the regional Election Commission.

Sokolov, if I may say so, a professional electoral activities. Although modern electoral techniques, guttaperchivoe election law dictates special rules for working in electoral committee. But, as many say, Sokolov fundamental civil and political position not to transfer any conjuncture.

It is interesting that Vitaly is thinking about todays election system. In the Soviet period was one-party system. Currently, de jure multi-party system, even over the top, but de facto, almost the same as it was before. As the saying goes full circle?

- In the Soviet period, I worked in the lower levels of the electoral system. Just living is not thought about the fact that there may be some violations. The system was open. He worked as a filter for serious candidates. If a person has voted against even one percent, it is always then analyzed why it happened. Today is another approach: the deputy, at times, get elected thanks to technology, as they say, from rags to riches. With the result that then affects the quality and content of the laws, work with the voters.

        The election committee from 2003 to 2007 would have called the most democratic of the last three convocations. Chairman - Galina Efremovna Stepenko in commission - representatives of different parties, and even trade unions: G. Sh Beqauri, AG Serenkov, DA Serebrjakov, AA Suvorov, AN Kuznetsov, O. In . Vinogradov - secretary. Each with their own point of view, from their own experience. No wonder they say the wisest that it was in a dispute born truth.

During this period, a number of regional election committee members seconded to international election observers to Belarus. By the way, all the other convocations trips abroad were the prerogative of the officials, committee members and staff members. Sergey Baburkin, by the way, went five times in the year and a half in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Privileges were also working in the system of rewards. Even the letters for the work received the same, I would say even so - "their".

          The next calling from 2007 to 2011. also chairman - GE Stepenko. However, the Commission skomplektovat team, so to speak administrative. It consists of 14 members, eight officials: three staff positions - chairman, secretary and deputy secretary, and - PV Shtarev, IV Privalov, PM Zarubin (regional administration), Yu.V.Shiryaev (Rybinsk City Hall), E.G.Ushakova (Mayor of Yaroslavl). It has a quorum. Financial and personnel matters, of course, been discussed, but the sense? The decision was made by officials. It was the case, filed a complaint when Governor A. Lisitsyn participated in the elections. A majority of the commission of his subordinates. The result of public outcry-zero in the answer - an evasion. Sad ...

 From 2011 to present, the committee may be called edinorossovskim: V.S.Balashov, AA Kiselev, E.G.Ushakova, I.A.Yamschikov. I was present at the party conference of "United Russia" on the nomination of candidates for the 2013 and could be held meeting of the commission since it can be said that there was a quorum. Its formation coincided with the presidency of the Commission Sergei Alexandrovich Baburkina. During this period the Commission staff members became more. In addition, the chairmen of regional commissions received the status of assistant chairman of the regional election committee. This addition is sort of like obligation. For the development of democracy, the situation is, in my opinion, congestive.

Now the commission of 14 members of the four representatives of the parties that were held in the Duma - the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, "Patriots of Russia", "Fair Russia", others - members of "ER." By the way, the chairman of the Yaroslavl Regional Election Commission from 2013 Denis V. Vasilyev. As a professional in the election, I do not see it working so far no kinks in any direction. Everything is going according to the law.

In the twentieth year anniversary of the electoral system you want to talk about the achievements. They are available. But amid disappointment - hardly noticeable. Its over, you can tell the system formed from the zero level. There was one political formation, and was quite different, it can be said - the opposite in content. The electoral system as part of the institute and the formation of the formation of the political system is an important link. Passed a difficult way in which a lot of mistakes, turns serious moral lesson to the public. And this process, as many believe, is not yet complete. The electoral system creates a clan of legislators who, probably, again write another law for a system that brings them to the legislative "extras".

The elections to the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma record number of parties participating in them. Lets see what happens.

Victoria Sotskova 

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