The Triumph of Venus. Nude in Art XVI-XXI centuries

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 06/10/2013 12:40

The Triumph of Venus. Nude in Art XVI-XXI centuries

In the Yaroslavl Art Museum opened the exhibition " The Triumph of Venus. Nude in Art XVI-XXI centuries . " Museum over the years gathered a collection of works of art with nudity . Its time to showcase Yaroslavl and visitors creators outspoken views on the female body . And now - a hundred nude beauties captured in painting, drawing and sculpture, waiting for their fans.

Of the thousands of works collected in the museum, visitors will see only a tenth . According to the director YAHM Alla Khatyukhina , the genre of "nude " - a subtle , perhaps , so rare "guest" in the museum halls . Time dictates your fashion to feminine charms , the exhibition can be seen as changing views on the ideal of beauty artists from the era before the time of Raphael Ernst Unknown .

According to the curator Tatyana Lebedeva to make the exhibition was held to be a resource and originality . These factors in the museum there . Moreover, the novelty lies in the fact that trace the history of the genre from the XVI century engravings to modern beginning of the twentieth century. The first hall is symbolically called the " Temple of Venus ", in the next two - modern and avant-garde. "Vanguard , deprived body physicality, and neoclassic presented by different artists - Yuri Annenkov , KS Petrov-Vodkin , B. Kustodiev - says Tatiana Lebedeva . - Boris Kustodiev created a national version of Venus coming not from water , and clouds of hot bath . Soviet version of Venus - is an employee , Sportwoman and this also has its own peculiarity . We were interested in how nudity created a new meaning. It was feared that get a lot of nudity , solid bath. But the exhibition has turned a delicate , elegant and even somewhat chaste . We are treated with respect and escorted to the material exhibits a detailed description . "

What thought artist Vladimir Zhukov ( rod.1933 year ) , representing Danae in masonite ( hardboard , particle board ), mainly of the triangles ? Perhaps this was a modern interpretation of the myth in 1990. Or maybe he felt the demolition before the other periods, the formation, saw the world around it in such a " uglastom " state, assumed that women would have to take on their shoulders the drawing of the family in the emerging market chaos ? Approximately, as in the Great Patriotic War , when womens shoulders went to the rear and way of life, they mutilated themselves shapeless quilted jackets , their soul becomes like a piece of wood as chipboard.

Around the beginning of the 1990s, creating Tahir Subkhankulov (genus 1954 . ) Wooden sculpture " Apple". Apparently, the attitude of the sculptor in one begin to " warm up " time round , coincided with the period of facelessness , and thus came out of a woman ? There comes a time of temptation and therefore in the hands of Apple s fragile figure kusnet his "Eve" and what will happen next, "tree" bloom ?

Kalmakov Nicholas (1875 - 1955) interpreted the myth of Endymion passion for Artemis : goddess immortalized and she made a handsome , but in fact , made ??sexual toy. The artist came up in 1912, a wonderful , almost innocent story on this topic.

Wonderful illustration ( 1835 ) by Alexander Pushkin s poem "Talisman" . Too bad the author engraving is unknown, but it sensibly gave oriental flavor .And the name has remained the censor in time - this is a Muscovite IM Snegiryov ( 1793g. - 1868 . )

Lebedev demonstrated catalog (designed by Gennadiy Yershov ) , executed in black and white colors , the publication does not distract from the bright material exhibition. In her opinion, nudity is always a sign of trust , and the exhibition - a sign of confidence in a clever and kind to the viewer.

Remarkably fit into the fabric of the exhibition charming young dancers from Dance Company under the direction of Maria Drabowska and the accompaniment accompanist Elena Panchenko . Flutter girls in the hall of the museum is very symbolic fit into the theme. Nude , frozen in time and subjects , arguing with a lively grace damsels in ball packs and pointe flashed among the visitors on the opening day as the sun , " bunnies " - reflections of emotions.

Everyone has their own preferences in beauty , our own understanding of sensuality. But the important thing for an artist to capture the trend of times, do not go to the brink of the finest art to vulgarity. YAHM employees managed to create an exhibition raduyuschuyu eyes , alluring and stay within the arts . The exhibition runs until December 15, 2013

Victoria Sotskova 

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