Thanksgiving Candle in the Moldovan city of Balti

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Author of publication: Тамара Полякова

Posted on: 31/10/2013 12:28

Thanksgiving Candle in the Moldovan city of Balti

Each pilgrimage Tamara Polyakova draws spiritual energy. It seeks to share it : describes his impressions in the travel notes . Sometimes it is in the rare places that were once available to every Soviet person, and today , to get there, we need to overcome boundaries . Her notes reveal to us the modern " unknown lands " in these cities do not offer international summits , do not build the Olympic bases, they do not go to politics, there is little tinsel and the passage of time is not set to vanity . Maybe thats why there is so appealing ? This time, Tamara shared impressions about the trip to the Moldovan city of Balti.

There are places on earth where you feel especially the connection to time , the fate of the people, their spiritual kinship ,

temporal boundaries disappear , and everything that happened becomes clear. One such place is in Moldova, and more precisely, on its eastern border.

In 2004 , near the town of Soroca , on top of the mountain, mounted stone candle Thanksgiving

so named its creators .

Magpies City , one of the most beautiful cities in Moldova, stretched amphitheater on the right bank of the Dniester River. In the past, you can reach it was on the passenger ship , constantly plying the river. Sailed past the village church with golden bulbs , flowering gardens , monasteries, had taken refuge in the white limestone rocks .

Today, much beneaped waterway replace the highway . And now the bus speeding us on a paved road . The road winds through quaint twisting paths , and then begins a steep descent down to the bank of the Dniester River. At the entrance to the city area for motor vehicles . From morning until late evening buses arrive here with the pilgrims .

Now imagine a giant mountain, stretching far up . To get to the top , it is necessary to overcome the 613 steps. On the stone , stacked at the very beginning of the path , the words :

"Wayfarer ! Stop it! There, on top of the lit candle Thanksgiving . And if you happen to experience the life of a truly noble feeling , get up those steps , offered prayers to the Lord , and then continued on his way . "

Climbing experience for our pilgrims already was, someone remembered the famous Mount Sinai, and others - will never forget the road to the Greek monasteries. Each is climbing every time due to the special kind of elation , the need to deeply comprehend what is happening . Experience a unique range of feelings and sensations , it is hardly possible in everyday life.

With a prayer on their lips , we began to climb the hill. Someone rushed forward , the other , slowly, in thinking , overcome step by step . It seemed that the road leads to heaven . And here is the last step ....

We - on the observation deck of the mountain. On the horizon , heralding the start of the day , dawn spreads . And now all united : the mountains , the sky , the water of the Dniester and our prayer . Downstairs, in a silver stream of the river, reflected glow of the rising sun - the Lords Day began.

In the center of the site rises tridtsatimetrovy stone candle . And at the bottom of it - a chapel with an iconostasis . The lights of our candles lit icons of the Saviour , Mother of God, Stephen the Great. Stephen Leake , the Ruler of the Moldovan land , majestic and focused. In 1992, he was canonized by the Orthodox Church. 47 years wise rules Moldovan ruler his people. He won many battles , keeping the independence of the country , strengthened and maintained the Orthodox faith .

From the top of us , is the famous ancient fortress located on the bank of the Dniester River , near the bend of the river. This grand and gray pyatibashenny stronghold for centuries has been a particularly important element in the defense system of the Moldovan state.

Before each battle, rode their bastion Ruler , being a devout man prayed fervently for the gift of his soldiers win. And when the victory was won , and built monasteries, temples erected . Christian faith has helped in a righteous battle. Christians are becoming common soldiers , monks - the soldiers , showing courage in battle and bravery.

So it was in 1711 during the Prut campaign. On the contrary, beyond the Dniester - Ukraine , in the old days it was called Little Russia . Day gathering strength . We became clearly visible hilly plain , stretching to the horizon, and a hill near the village of Buzhiryanka . There once held a historic meeting of the Russian Tsar Peter the Great and the Moldavian ruler Dimitrie Cantemir .

It was the first step on the long and bloody path common struggle against the Ottoman Empire. Prut campaign ended unsuccessfully , and has not brought the long-awaited release of the Moldovan people .

Turkey was filled with many Russian prisoners. To relieve their plight , many were forced to renounce the Christian faith and accept Islam. Others, however , have been further strengthened in the faith and of Christian martyrdom took crowns , decorating them our Orthodox faith. One of them was John the Russian .

In Greece , in the temple on the island of Euboea , lie incorrupt relics of the Russian soldier. It is called in Greek "living angel on earth." This saint was born in Ukraine. Peter Simple Army soldiers during the Prut campaign , was captured by the Tatars , they sold the prisoners head of the Turkish cavalry , who brought John to his homeland - Asia Minor. John the Divine Providence Russian ugotovleno could spend the rest of days in a foreign land , in a far Turkey. Humbly , he carried the cross of a servant, but did not betray their faith. And a servant of the Lord God revealed his glory . The Greeks and the Turks even called John - Russian . And this young , twenty-two warrior began during his lifetime treat with great respect . Especially young people honor him for his error , patience , humility in Christ.

In the evening, Soroca Candle lit spotlight beams . The light is visible for tens of miles around: in towns, cities Moldova and Ukraine. Once there , the rocks in the Dniester , in his cell , a monk - hermit lit the first candle - a sacrifice to God . Since then, the Spirit lights , lights ascetics saved from spiritual death of hundreds of human souls.

Andrew highlighted the preaching of the Gospel that land. Our ancestors , taking the holy Orthodox faith and the grace of God brought by the Moldovan land , preserving the unity of the Orthodox .

With excitement gazes into the distance - there Kyiv .....

At this point in some special feel the power of prayer , " Mirom pray to the Lord ... "

Tamara Polyakova

Magpies - Balti , Moldova 

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