State Duma deputy Alexander Kulikov reported

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Posted on: 04/07/2013 14:56

State Duma deputy Alexander   Kulikov reported

Yesterday, 04.07.2013 Yaroslavl held a press conference Alexander D. Kulikov, the communist deputy State Duma of Yaroslavl region, the deputy chairman of the Committee on Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Law. Also at the press conference was attended by VI Spikelets and IS Slepynin assistant deputy

The main topic of conversation with journalists - "The results of the spring session of the State Duma of the Russian Federation." The deputy spoke in detail about the work for the first half of the legislative initiatives of the Communist faction, and plans for the fall session. The press conference was presented "Herald deputy" published edition 40.tys.ekz., Prepared for Yaroslavl as early as the 20th anniversary of the Yaroslavl Regional Committee of the Communist Party.

, A.D. Kulikov, highlighted the fact that adopted in the first reading the draft law on the reform of Russian Academy of Sciences, in fact, carried out the dismemberment of the structure, the destruction of the scientific potential of the country and the seizure of property. According to A.D.Kulikova, the situation with the destruction of Russian Academy of Sciences - is a threat to national security. Therefore, the Communist faction left the meeting hall of the Duma in protest and did not vote for him.

Over half of the Communist faction proposed 159 bills, 29 - were supported. The MP told of serious work on a bill to lift the immunity of former presidents of the country. All shall be equal before the law, said A.D.Kulikov, ex-presidents and their families, should not be fed from the budget.

The deputy of the story of the establishment of the Commission in the framework of the Communist Party faction for additional investigation into the events coup in October 1993goda. Over 1,000 people were killed, over 2,500 injured and were persecuted by the country and in Moscow. They need social support from the state. Need to punish all those who were involved in the killings, who gave the order to shoot, who tortured at the stadium "Krasnaya Presnya" of young people from 14-16 years.

Kulikov informed the press about the work ahead. In the fall meeting scheduled to be held in the format of a round table on the issue of the quality of the investigation. In the area of ??attention of the deputy to environmental security situation of the country: the quality of food, living environment, water and air quality is an important aspect of life and health. Will continue legislative work. A lot of serious work to be in the region of the Volga-bank stabilization in Rybinsk. Alarming situation with the provision of Yaroslavl insulin. Many complaints have been the inaction of law enforcement.

Kulikov noted the constructive work with the heads of local administrations to address the problems of Yaroslavl, who seek the help of the deputy.

Journalists also asked about the situation with the mayor of Yaroslavl E.Urlashovym. I must say that the mayor of Yaroslavl Yaroslavl was publicly supported by the regional committee on the initiative and the first secretary of the regional committee secretary for ideology. Their actions caused a disagreement with the policy of many party members. They sent a letter to the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Some have appeared in the media and on the Internet.

But the course taken to support the supporters of the "Civic Platform", to which the E.R.Urlashov continues. 19.06.2013g at a rally organized by the "SE" in Yaroslavl in support of the mayor, the first made by the First Secretary of the A.V.Vorobev and second-EY Mardalieva.

A.D.Kulikov explained that the center position is fixed-no contact with the parties of the oligarchic clan, one of which GP .. And if someone does not understand, it is either poor judgment or betrayal of the interests of the party. 

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