Problems orphans. What makes the state, society and business .

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Problems orphans. What makes the state, society and business .

How it works in the Yaroslavl region postinternatnogo service support orphans and educational board " Little Mother ."

         What do graduate orphanage where to go for help, how to adapt to society, whether it is possible prevention of emergency situations ? These and other questions are always worried about the orphanage workers "Sunny" Leninsky district of Yaroslavl.

      After all, it does happen that almost the next day after the adult world graduates found themselves again before the doors of the orphanage . Please come back to the boys , and then began to return and girls and even with a " dowry ." Yes , there were some guys difficult moments in their career. How then to explain to children , for example, why a graduate pregnant and why she was in the orphanage ?

         Nobody turned adrift . But the system had to be adjusted slightly . It has become possible largely due to the fact that the orphanage director Elena Kuznetsova Irineevna always responds to promising ideas . She was able to rally the team to recruit good " rear" of social assistants and volunteers. And yet it is a very important quality - she is able to convey the idea to the understanding of the authorities .

         Chief skirmisher many projects based on " Sunny " - a Yaroslavl public charity "Friends of Russian orphans." Social activists were pioneers in various matters concerning orphans. Organization 10 years headed the former head teacher of the school № 4 Yaroslavl Evstifeeva Galina . They were the first in the country, in 2005 , received a grant for the implementation in practice of program support childrens homes . Then it became known as social adaptation .

          Gradually accumulated experience , began to conclude agreements with alumni to support. System works, created a public organization, have adopted the area. During this period, the Department of Education regional administration headed by TA Stepanovv , Department of Education and the City Hall of Yaroslavl - AF Pryamitsino . Great contribution this case made ??the deputy chief of the Department of Education of City Hall and VN Malyutina N.E.Perova employee .

        Around since 2009 , launched a policy of the state to place orphans in the family. Patronage - good shape, but the state, as it turned out , in fact , it is not profitable . Now patronage hardly used . Number of children in " Sunny " and accordingly declined to vacate the premises . Now the orphanage is located in a renovated building and liberated - had the idea to host a service with the speaker called " Little Mother ." Especially because the problem on this delicate subject already occurred .

          At that time, such services have been successfully worked in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Building needed repairs. After the examination room specialists , it appears that work drew 15 million rubles . Today repairs is gradually moving : changed all the windows in the building , the roof is covered , already have a stock of toys, clothes , washing machine , cots , chairs and other things that can be useful in this temporary shelter for mom and baby , in difficult situation. It is clear that the object of this society there is no direct return . Though, as to say , because there have got pregnant not abandon their children , not wander and not fall prey to the criminal world. Young moms tend to go back to work to solve the housing problem , place a child in kindergarten . Fate gave them serious shake , but there were people close by substituting helping hand they trust. Mother often need to be taught how to care for the baby , and even how to play with him , explain about the treatment and vaccinations. Society such "profit" as a childs life and the fate of the women did not immediately assess the money.

      This is the principle of the social state , proclaimed de jure Constitution. But there is another , polar , opinion in society that supposedly such services encourage graduates to welfare dependency . Practice shows that it is not. Its a stereotype that has emerged . Science has proven that social orphans age is three years less than grown up in families you guys . Would you like your child escorted to the street if he Fortunately for ? Here and in the orphanage decided they would not leave their children in trouble. Of course, trying to engage the situation and prevention and work with the guys. But life in an entirely different theory than in practice . And when the problem has already taken place in the form of a pregnant to give birth , then you need to act and not morality read.

Childrens home began to search the social partners, because many questions alone was not easy to decide . Faithful companion in this case is YARBOO "Friends of Russian Orphans" , then joined the Regional Public Organization for Women ( led by deputy Hitrova OV ) and 4 years helps than can respond to requests from law center "Themis" . Moms and grateful for a sack of potatoes , and diapers , and a bunch of flowers for the holiday , do not live by bread alone ....

Service lives as " Little Mother " today?

Each story - a single dramatic page . Often it is enough to help with kindergarten or work, and the life of a young woman is stabilized . In fact, not necessarily strongly included in someones destiny , not every mom is necessary, but there are situational problems , where one they can not cope . Important to create an understanding that she is not alone , have someone to consult , it warns against reckless behavior , will not lose heart .

"We work with optimism and plans for the future . Study the new law on procurement , and think about how not to be trapped , to make repairs without compromising the quality of the room. We hope that the money allocated for repair already present , 2014. Graduates girls adapt to life bearable : find a job, learn rented accommodation . If a small child , then everything falls apart : the work has to say goodbye to a removable housing - move out , almost all single mothers, no relatives , ie keep them to no one. Problems snowballing . Initially thought to create a board for such graduates . But in its final form no idea how it will look. But then defined and applied for a grant "Educational board " Little Mother . " Since 2011 started to work , typed specialists. Worked for two years under the auspices of the municipal authorities of Yaroslavl , and from January 31, 2013 received the staffing and funding from the budget of the Yaroslavl region, - said the deputy director of the orphanage "Sunny" Tatiana V. tipping . - Now we are called "Service postinternatnogo support for persons of the number of orphans and children left without parental care ." In this service, there is a branch of social and psychological assistance " Little Mother ." Second Branch - consulting on legal issues and social problems. Twenty-three girls we can accompany, but now there are twenty. We prepare for each card account . If necessary, visit the house, preparing to leave psychologically , of course, after we teach how to deal with a baby monitor mommy visiting pediatrician , etc. The fact that there is no example of positive mothers Actress . Somebody should teach . And we do. How to find us ? Works here "word of mouth " social organs . Our task is to raise their parent potential. Notations nobody reads , aim to unite them together. Organize tea parties, invite guests from public organizations. There is also a very important aspect : to turn public opinion mums face , not to shy away from them, and delved into the situation. We are trying to create their normal course of life : holidays, when presented with gifts, with attention to avoid feeling outsider , came the belief that more good people . Of gradually begins to change and psychological condition such Momma , the mood for the future. You only need to work on yourself, set a goal and go for it. In this family motivate parents . We - we do . "

Once the problem of man engaged in party and Komsomol. Then cut this time the social function of society, and each face of the challenges faced one. There are over years of living in such a public system of consumption something like nedovospitannyh people infantile . Must return some aspects of the social structure in our identity, to the individual in society to form a stable social stress and striving for self-development. Self-sufficiency for the orphans - this is a big problem because system of education in the orphanage leaves its mark : each "failure" for life looks like an insurmountable problem , they are lost in the event of threats to society. By the way, many families have the same problem when quite advantaged children , just fall into a stupor at any emergency situation or become egomaniac . Here is the resulting "gap" fills the activities of the orphanage "Sunny" and , as they say, who joined them in a positive and energetic people .

Meet interesting people in " Little Mama " are regularly. 1.04.2014g . the guest house was a group of seventh graders from school number 4 . Initiators - the head teacher of the school and IR Dobrovolskaya GA Evstifeeva . Teachers understand the importance of such communication for students . Before, guys were familiar with the correspondence center responded , if required to provide support in the form of useful things or products. But this time, high school students have come up with a teacher to get to know those who helped . While having tea, listening to the history of the guys center , about themselves . Children young mothers quickly took some awkwardness that usually occurs when first encountered . Little Ones feel at ease , at home. At the same time photographer volunteer NV Golikov arranged a photo shoot kids. So it was fun to see how the kids played with the photographer , and actually posed . She tried to pick out the best shot , because of such images from childhood , and then builds up a persons biography .

In Russia from time immemorial had said " from poverty and prison do not promise ." But now fit to add that from the orphanage too, no one is immune. That is our unpredictable life in the state . It is important to understand more from school , the consequences can lead one rash act . Children need to be taught how not to despair , but to seek help, to fight for their place under the sun , to be able to help others.

By the way, the only meaning of social organization which works for 11 years - is to help orphans "Friends of Russian Orphans ", today is not functioning. Although it remains the same faithful companion for orphans, and how was the organization throughout these difficult years. It turned out that it is impossible to make big charitable projects without financial support . Local authorities for some reason no one grant community members have not responded . Public figures are still volunteers with maximum impact , though now without legal delays. In fairness, we note that the organization has always been supporters and helpers . For example, it E.I.Ivanova , Deputy Director of the Education Department of Yaroslavl City Hall , Anna Mavricheva , Sberbank management in recent years , Dmitry and Natalia Okuneva Siry ( real estate agency "Metro" ), Elena Isayev ( "Social Partnership" ) and other people with a heart of gold .

Today there is no coherent state policy to strengthen the institution of the family. All restricted shares and declarations. But time and the situation shows that this can not continue . The state is obliged to hear the request of society and apply unique experience Yaroslavl nationwide. And businesses need to remember about social responsibility in this matter.

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance"

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