Osteorus plans to make an online exhibition of childrens drawings

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Posted on: 18/11/2018 18:03

 Osteorus plans to make an online exhibition of childrens drawings 

On November 14, 2018 for the fifth time, an exhibition of participants and winners of the childrens drawing competition «My grandma and I have been good friends for a long time, she is in all my ventures with me». was opened in the Yaroslavl City Palace of Pioneers.  The inspirer and organizer of the project is the Childrens School of Osteoporosis Prevention on the basis of the «Osteorus» Methodological Center of the Russian Patient Society «Osteorus».

The exhibition was held with the support of the NGO «Yaroslavl Regional Union of Women»  and with the active participation of employees of the Palace of Pioneers. The children who attend different studioes presented their concert- they sang, danced and played block-flutes.

More than 200 drawings were submitted to the competition. The participants are children from secondary and art schools, visual art studioes, the Solnechny orphanage and the Gavrilov-Yamsky district schools.  This year there were many new participants.

The jury selected the best drawings, of which Osteorus will draw up a calendar with recommendations for the prevention of osteoporosis from specialists of the Russian Osteoporosis Association (RAOP). This annual calendar is very special and unique. Experts noted the diversity of ideas that the children tried to embody the theme of the exhibition in their drawings. 

Representatives of the Russian Patient society «Osteorus» informed   the audience about their activities and the importance of supporting the IOF  Global Patient  Charter  signed  by RAOP( Russian Association On Osteoporosis ) and «Osteorus». PhD Ksenia Belova, Director of the Center of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis, spoke about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, the prevention of osteoporosis from childhood and the importance of caring for the older generation. Olga Khitrova, a deputy of the Yaroslavl regional duma and the head of the Yaroslavl Regional Union of Women, made an accent on the importance of knowledge about the disease and the fact that   the drawing competition raised one more theme –the importance of family values and the connection of generations. Lydia Popova, director of the municipal educational institution «Yaroslavl City Palace of Pioneers» said that adults and children who come to their classes attend the exhibition and write the words of appreciation in a special book.

Volunteers of the Childrens School of Osteoporosis Prevention made a lot of efforts to find sponsors to get gifts for participants and winners. All participants received certificates, «thank you» letters and gifts. The organizers of the event are planning to make an online exhibition of children’s drawings next year.

«Osteorus» appreciates the participation of all who cherish the ideas of a healthy lifestyle among children adults. Therefore  teachers, journalists and activists also received «thank you» letters on this day.

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