Oleg Kilipchenko : voters were interested in elections

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Author of publication: RIA "National Alliance"

Posted on: 09/12/2013 11:30

Oleg Kilipchenko : voters were interested in elections

09 .12.2013 city held a press conference the chairman of the election committee of the Yaroslavl region Oleg Kilipchenko . He told reporters on the outcome of elections to local municipal authorities , sostovshihsya 08.12.2013g .

Population actively participated in some areas vyborah.Na turnout was more than 50 % of voters. Chapter izbirakoma went to the land , met with observers . Comments were technical aspects , such as the lack of telephone communication due to remoteness area in Yaroslavl region p.Kuznechiha etc.. Of the nine complaints of violations of the law have not been confirmed seven , it does not impact on the election .

Key questions for removing candidates appeared on the stage of nomination . According to the head of the election commission of the Yaroslavl region , independents to prepare documents approached more carefully than the party. So , the two candidates in Gavrilov Yamskov MR ( V.I.Aronov - "The Republican Party of Russia Peoples Freedom Party " and M.E.Polhovsky - party " Fair Russia ) were registered later than the rest , by the decision of the territorial and regional commissions .

Facts were not participating in the work of the committee members komissii.Eto created a burden on others. Such situatsyai not in the interests of the parties which have nominated members komisssi strolling meeting.

Elections showed another problem. In rural areas, almost no obschestvennh buildings. They privatized business. Land located at the points of catering . Today pay for job sites owners did not take. But what will happen tomorrow? No one knows.

So, accidentally thawed another sadness today. Was the peasants the land they rastrebushili on its shares and dashing 90 all shares sold for a pittance. Schools and clinics were , savings banks and mail - all closed down for nevygodnostyu.Ono and understand why people try to , carry social mission ? And now nowhere to vote soon . And why serfdom voice?

But in general - election failed. The results were predictable.

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance" 

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