November 17 , 2013. the V Conference of the regional centers of osteoporosis

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November 17 , 2013. the V Conference of the regional centers of osteoporosis

In the capital, at the V Conference of the regional centers of osteoporosis was attended by representatives from across the country . The main purpose of the scale of the event - it is monitoring the situation on the implementation of projects in the regions RAOP , exchange experiences, and to develop further strategies and short-term plans . Had met the president of the Russian Association on Osteoporosis ( RAOP ) and Professor Olga Lesnyak RAOP vice president , head of public patients " Osteorus " Professor Olga Yershov .

With interest colleagues listened to speeches on in 2013 in the regions of the International Day against osteoporosis. IA Shirts from Vladivostok noted how important it is to have a single line , set the tone for the event and to take into account the specifics of each region. Center in Vladivostok 15 years , has developed a private practice . They carried out various activities for at-risk groups , youth and veterans , in large collectives of enterprises. This year, the city joined the project " Walk with your doctor ." Known experts ascribe citizens to a healthy lifestyle - run along the promenade and only doctor on the run can ask any question about his specialty . Kostroma center osteoporosis only two years , but they have something to tell you. IV Marusina shared experience through online questionnaires students in three age groups . The " grow your bones healthy " aims to sensitize parents and youth to prevention . Simple questions : how many times the student milk drinks , carbonated beverages , how many times to eat buckwheat porridge , fish, smoke or drink beer , etc. Pediatricians analyzed data from a survey that was understanding of the situation on the current image and the style of life of children and adolescents. Cheboksary cabinet headed osteoporosis NV Bezlyudna . There held a conference for specialists " Osteoporosis - Tune ideas in clinical practice ," and distributed leaflets for patients even in orthopedic salons.

So that more people know about the need to recognize the disease socially significant in centers were invited representatives of the authorities , the public, well-known personalities in the region. Held a drawing contest , "Let my mother will always be healthy ." Exposure small collection of drawings presented at the meeting. Of the best works guys will select 12 drawings , they will become the basis for creating a calendar for 2014 , where for each month will be given to the doctors recommendations for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis , and will serve as an illustration of childrens drawings .

Of particular interest was the performance GA Evtifeeva , deputy head of the patient organization " Osteorus " with information about the nuances of such organizations abroad. She talked with like-minded organizations at the International Conference of osteoporotic patients IOF in Helsinki. Many issues caused by the representative of patient organizations from Norway Ingerd Mestad .

SA Denisov , spokesman for the Russian society "Crystal People" , which brings together patients with osteogenesis imperfecta , reported that many of the problems of people with such a diagnosis arise from the lack of specialists in the field, timely diagnosis , inability to use specific metalwork ( telescopic pins ) in the surgical treatment of patients and , in general, public support. She called to unite efforts in upholding the rights of patients to quality and free medical care . "If children with this diagnosis treated properly, they will not appear confined to a wheelchair. Need moral support and adult patients , their socialization . We want to be heard . We ask for cooperation and support. Alone we can not do . "

OB Yershov , head of public patients " Osteorus " urged colleagues to understand the situation with the " crystal " diagnosis in the field.

At the time, society patients Osteorus "was created as a segment RAOP . World practice shows that combining skilled direct responsibilities with public man work hard. The experience of other countries shows that in societies patients staffed by volunteers and patients . Such people in each region there are also quite possible to expand the format of " Osteorus ." At the same time the establishment of regional offices RAOP , according to OB Ershovoy allow better promote the interests of professionals and patients towards treatment and prevention of osteoporosis , to join forces with other organizations of patients , following the main goal - recognition at the state level socially significant diseases .

To ensure the efficient operation of patient societies need financial base, which in each region can have its own specifics. In this case it will be possible transition from campaigns and actions to the system operation. While there is consistency in the behavior of regular schools osteoporosis. The report "The role of media in public organizations of patients" ( VE Sotskova ) noted the need to inform the activities of the osteoporosis and RAOP through the media at all levels , the use of communicative possibilities of social networks for communication and operational information for patients

OM Lesnyak gave examples when working with regional deputies gives a good result for the centers of osteoporosis. Especially , she noted how important a person to promote media space problems in society. According to her, osteoporosis specialists centers are already more than doctors . They acquire the status of public figures. In this there is a self-supporting non-standard reception center learn about more and more people come there for services. The need for professional tandem organization of physicians and public patients - overdue. In Yekaterinburg , for example, successfully operating organization " Osteoklub ." Therefore , OM Lesnyak drew attention to the need for the center managers to streamline organizational moments until summer 2014 to establish regional offices and RAOP decide societies patients, their leaders and volunteers.

Aroused the interest of the performance of the MN Smirnova Ivanova relating to public-private partnerships . In this way there trying to find a consensus of state, private owners , professionals and patients to purchase diagnostic equipment . According to her, there are people out of business, ready to buy a densitometer at his own expense , there was a restructuring of trauma care . It is clear that businesses need income. To meet the interests of all parties, and especially the public and patient need to do serious work . This is only the first step in the inevitable direction for our health , there is still a lot of uncertainties , but look digestible options should be together.

As part of the RAOP conducted a number of projects . The first results of the project "Prometheus" ( "Creation of the repeated warning of fractures in patients with osteoporosis ") told OM Lesnyak . Perspective on the implementation of the project reported AY Kocsis , O. Kuznetsova from St. Petersburg and K. Yu Belov from Yaroslavl. Information about the project " Landmark " (" Establishment of operational emergency patients with a fracture of the proximal femur " ), by 10 -year-old told the dynamics LP Evstigneeva (Yekaterinburg) , EN Otteeva (Khabarovsk) and MV Belov (Yaroslavl) . Summary - results , but they are modest , much depends on the administrative barriers . M.V.Belov named the main problems hampering effective work with patients : failures in the direction and hospitalization , one exercise physiologist for 60 beds , the lack of rehabilitation after discharge , the lack of prevention after fracture , lack of financial motivation of medical staff . These circumstances , one might say , are common to most regions. Doctors and patients do not create problems for yourself and a lack of understanding of the authorities demands of society . Therefore, it was found that after 10 years, only three centers are ready to report to identify the problems and to think together how to overcome them .

KY Belov , head of the Yaroslavl city center osteoporosis , presented the project "Reality" - is establishing a register of patients with hip fracture . Special program organizes information about the patient, creates the conditions for operational monitoring of the situation . The plans for next year - the project " MARK " (" Application antiosteoporoticheskih drugs in clinical practice ," holding "Winter " and " Summer " schools osteoporosis.

The master class K. Belova demonstrated the capabilities of a desk calculator, FRAX. This device is easy to use and available to every specialist for primary care to determine the absolute predictor of fracture risk in osteoporosis

It should be noted that the revitalization of patient with community could speed issues for the treatment and prevention of diseases in the administrative corridors of the health system.

With special warmth colleagues remembered RAOP founder Professor Lidia Ivanovna Benevolenskaya , which was not in the past year. In honor of her memory, approved a special sign for the activity for the benefit of society. RAOP Presidium decided that such an honor worthy of a doctor - orthopedic trauma , MD, Professor SS Rodionova . Award was presented by the President of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) John Kanis . He thanked everyone for their significant contribution to the global fight against the disease process , which covers every year more and more people around the world.

honorary diplomas" For his contribution to the organization of care for patients with osteoporosis in the Russian Federation " was marked activity Nikitinskaya Oksana , Ottevoy Elvira Nikolaevna Anoshenkovoy Olga Nikolaevna , and " For contribution to the organization of medical care for patients with osteoporosis and in the Russian Federation in connection the 15th anniversary of Yaroslavl center osteoporosis " - work Ershovoy Lepeshinskaya . Diplomas " For his contribution to the development of instructional and research work on the problem of osteoporosis in Russia" presented Rozhinskaya Lyudmila Yakovlevna Skripnikova Irina, Yevgeny Zotkina Germanovich , Smetnik Vera Petrovna , Baranova Irina Alexandrovna , Marchenkova Larisa, Evstigneeva Lyudmila Petrovna Smirnov Alexander . The Bureau RAOP expressed gratitude for their hard work following the RF center managers osteoporosis : Pilyukovoy Rimma Ildarovna (Bryansk) , Irina A. Shirts (Vladivostok), Ivanova Olga Nikolaevna (Voronezh), Kirpikova Marina Nikolaevna (Ivanovo) Raskin Tatiana Alekseevne (Kemerovo) , Irina Belousova Borisovne ( Lermontov) , Toroptsovoy Natalia (Moscow), Tatiana malyshevoy Borisovne ( Nizhny Novgorod ) , Marina Strunina Vasil (Perm), Tatiana Knyazkova Arkadevne (Saratov) , Svetlana Romanova Jurevne (Tyumen) , Natalia V. Bezluidnaya ( Cheboksary ) Isakanovoy Amina Okeanovne (Chelyabinsk) , Epanova Viktor ( Yakutsk) , Ksenia Belova (Yaroslavl ).

At this meeting, experts and representatives of public organizations of patients taking a step forward came understanding of the need to consolidate efforts to protect and promote their interests , attraction to the problem of politicians and public figures of osteoporosis .

Victoria Sotskova ,

RIA "National Alliance" 

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