Nano-marsh meeting in Yaroslavl

Topic: Tribune
Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 19/06/2013 12:32

Nano-marsh meeting in Yaroslavl

19.06.2013 Yaroslavl held a rally against thieves and crooks, called national. What is it, Robin Hoods gathered for a party? Prosecutors or sledkomovtsy finally earned a hollow measure?

But no. In fact, there is a clan of businessmen struggle for political influence, members of groups with different names. She puts it, in this case in such a form of area-show, orchestrated the supporters of the mayor of Yaroslavl "Civic Platform". Seat-to SOEs were communists and "Fair Russia". The implication was that the event will be a lesson for other clan - the representatives of the "United Russia", as though the speaker, saying that the people behind us, if we do not cope with your majority in the corridors of power, youll manage the squares. And the "appendage" of the rank and file of Yaroslavl in such a way thats protest balance the "scales" of influence. According to folk-no whining or by crook.

However, many were taken aback by the Yaroslavl meaning of the event, and wondered - why is that?

Well, the pleasure to receive the protesters spravedlivorossovtsev caps, scarves and caps platformovtsev, newspapers communists, and some adorned with badges "People of control." That is to say, a souvenir ...

 "Stage" for the action was not chosen by chance. It is the center of Yaroslavl - Soviet space area. Tribune set so that it does not overshadow the entrance to the Temple of Elijah the Prophet, did not cover a beauty attractions, as orthodox as it is complex behind the speakers and, as if pointing, for whom there are just higher power. And denounced from the platform of the sword thunder and lightning just discontent, administration area, located across the street. The participants of the rally were face to the church and back to the probable opponents. How much symbolism! Felt pathetic.

 Why Build a crowd, if the representatives of the aforesaid groups have in their ranks members of different levels that can, if desired, using legal powers to deal with anyone, including and with rogues and thieves? Moreover, many of these MPs and public figures sitting in the Duma seats for many years. It would seem, work, catch crooks and thieves. After Yaroslavl as a large village: everything and everybody knows everybody, knows who and what makes the capital who are honest, who is connected and not steamed at the expense of the rule of law.

Where are the results of this struggle, if any, gentlemen, servants of the people? Where high-profile trial, conviction, because the complaints and allegations of violations of the law enforcement bodies of people flooded for decades? Huh? Zilch - on the way out ... And why is the mayor, fan ideology GP, protects the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party?

Not by chance rather than specific cases selected technology orange hands rocking the boat, so to speak, of the electorate. Shouting with the "armored" - simple, steam, or rend the air - its well-established elements of the political strategies.

And clean up the Augean "good" in the city, which have accumulated for decades unchangeable local authorities, it is necessary to roll up, to have a clear uncompromising citizenship that on the back and on the conscience - units. People were waiting for this from the new city government.

There was a certain surrealism: the Communist Party, designed to protect the rights of workers, first secretary of the breast covers the mayor, the protege of the oligarch Prokhorov, the alignment of which ideology - a classic ekspluatatorstva.

We say "Communist Party", and already do not mean Zyuganov, and Prokhorov? Supporters of the Communist Party - sorry, with the filing of their regional leadership was dragged into the swamp with a liberal tinge. There are already forecast that such regional kompradorstvo - backfire shortfalls vote in the upcoming elections to the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma, which will be held in the autumn with. was likely that the overall impact on the authority of the Communist Party in provincial Russia.

Areal policy - is kings for a day. Behind them is an illusion. A beautiful city center of Russia moans unkempt. Affairs no end! May recall that the mayor - in fact the building manager, and deputies - to pore over laws, officials are required to carry them out, and law enforcement to catch the crooks and thieves? Well, so work! Hand out the final product is the result of that report. Enough to engage in politicking.

And again, judging by the moves of the local regional committee, it appears that there has occurred a metamorphosis. Today the trend in the province (favorably or what?) - To protect the minority, which is the oligarchs and their supporters? Miracles straight.

Although the slogans of Yaroslavl in the crowd, "the crowd" were screaming - "Down with corruption", etc. The order people want, they are willing to even just for a promise to go after anyone, listen to anything. They do not understand, poor thing, that use them. Again, use ... 

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