Рrospects of the ruble as a global reserve curre

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Posted on: 18/11/2013 12:49

 Рrospects of the ruble as a global reserve currency

November 18 , 2013 , State Duma deputy Mikhail Degtyarev at a press conference "Prospects for the ruble as a global reserve currency " in RIA "News" discussed with journalists and economists bill to ban the circulation and storage of dollars. Professionals come to speak : Pavel Medvedev , financial ombudsman , Lola Sanginova , Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Economics , Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Belyaev , chief economist at the Institute for Stock Market and Management .

As the deputy himself , the purpose of the bill was to generate public discussion on this topic, the topic U.S. foreign debt and how it affects our economy. Topics actual problems , because not all neatly in the Russian economy . Sick she sluggishness , raw pridatkovostyu , lack of clear strategies and plans that bring the state into the category of self-sufficient . Instead of effective solutions to problems arise periodically some sense " hallucinations " emanating from the federal political circles .

Pavel Medvedev quoted mathematician Norbert Wieners cybernetics , when he , in anticipation of the economic crisis , found " absurd social agenda" when required swift action to rescue the situation , the public switched attention to unimportant moments. According to the economist , the people then sought to continuous holiday. All links in this chain of events preceding the crisis built into the paradoxical chain when it was impossible to put the essential tasks , and they were not marked. Medvedev stressed that the person elected by the people , have to do something . And come up with anything substantial in a crisis can not be so , and produced exactly the agenda that we see today.

The conviction of Mikhail Belyaev during a crisis need to think how to come out of him . All the terms in our country it is, there is no strong money. In addition, all currencies are closely related, if something happen to the dollar , it will affect all , because transnational corporations through the U.S. economy is closely correlated with those of other economies. About the strong ruble , of course, need to think . To do this, create a real commodity and economic flows . He remembered the project "Buran", stimulated nearly 70 ministries , with the order from the project is focused on high-tech solutions jobs . Now need just such a project, creating an order for innovative solutions . Build roads definitely need , but to create jobs and spheres of application of force for business in high-tech industries - it is a necessity.

Lola Sanginova opposed the bill because Degtyareva that the ban will create the opposite situation . If the state keeps its reserves in multi-currency basket , then citizens have the right to do it in the same proportion . State may invest these funds in the real economy , develop them. Pavel Medvedev added that the first should be to protect the property , it has ceased to be subject to abuse. He has 8 months ago stole the cottage, and he still can not recover their properties . " If the decision is such a simple question takes so long , what do those who have assets of more serious than just a cottage ? ".

Russians intuitively feel anxious : no growth , no jobs , food, medicines , goods - almost all imported . Ukogo there that keep on " black" day will do so primarily in foreign currency. State Duma deputy said that he does not have dollars, and the bill , which he showed reporters , provided rent his assistant . And " believe ."

Bills for "tick" annoy society . Is it better to do ? Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev was quite sincere in his desire to strengthen the ruble , make the world reserve currency . He voiced a few ideas of his faction . Who against strong ruble ? All only "for" . But neither this deputy or other "representatives" of the people do not accept government decisions .

It is possible that there really is not ambitious ideas and representatives of the " deck " of passing power circles . Perhaps because no surrounded by professionals, and friends and acquaintances it is not a profession. Well, so it is necessary to go beyond themselves outlined for himself circle. Is long overdue .

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance" 

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