Masterpieces from the estate Abramtzevo.

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Posted on: 25/04/2013 10:42

Masterpieces from the estate Abramtzevo.

April 25, 2013, an exhibition at the Yaroslavl Art Museum "Masterpieces from the Museum of Abramtzevo"

In the best traditions of Russian asceticism treasures of the 50 "Masterpieces from the Museum of Abramtzevo" on display at the Yaroslavl Art Museum.

The estate Abramtzevo intertwined "vibe" of literary masterpieces and artistic works of art. Such a serious departure in the region took place thanks to the enthusiasm of museum staff and ... restoration, which is currently in the estate. Forced to "pause" colleagues from the Moscow region for the first time allows you to see the art of Yaroslavl relics of the XIX century.

Among the paintings and drawings of the IE Repin, a variant of the painting "Alenka" VM Vasnetsov, MV sketch Nesterov of the painting "In the love potion," landscape "Alenushkin pond" II Levitan, study VI Surikov to the canvas "Morning Streletsexecution" sculpture "Sea Princess", "Mizgir" MA Vrubel, and other works. Yaroslavl had a unique opportunity to touch the past in the present. On the opening day was felt surprisingly strong energy.

Alla Khatyukhina, director of the Yaroslavl Art Museum, at the opening vernissage invited visitors to share experiences, to help navigate museum workers in the selection of activities. In her view, art and inspiration together in this exhibition, the concentration of fairy tales and legends was continued in the artistic life and reality in the exhibition halls.

In addition, Yaroslavl and Abramtzevo inexplicably connects Northern Railway: same Savva Mamontov, who built this road, patron of creative people. The exhibition is a portrait of his daughter - Mammoth Faith: A young woman in full length looking at us surprisingly clean look.

Elena Voronina, director of the State Historical-Artistic and Literary Museum "Abramtzevo", Yaroslavl thanked colleagues for their constructive dialogue, mutual understanding and motivation for further work on the inter-museum projects.

According to curator Alexei Fedorchuk, deputy director of the Yaroslavl Art Museum, each product exhibition is impressive, awakens in the soul a special look at the world as if, renews understanding of the words "Russia", "Motherland" and fills them with sacred meaning.

To the music of Scriabin, a remarkable performance on the piano by Michael Bushuyeva Opening Day opened to visitors in all its glory. And now, at the beginning of the exposure in the first hall, greets visitors Alenushka-sad looks on the canvas she backwater pond. This textbook image, familiar to every Russian man with a very tender age, it remains forever in the memory as a symbol of fairy world, which is somewhere near us in the memories of childhood. The exhibition presents a variant of the famous canvas.

Next excites the imagination sketch on cardboard painting by Viktor Vasnetsov "Guslyar." The artist saw the home staging "Snow Maiden" by Alexander Ostrovsky and inspired work. This is the original version of the picture.

Fabulous world of the artists skill and imagination of their game, "involved" in the literature and images inspired by the historical facts into an independent art object, and even formed a kind of ideological template.

From utensils takes great attention to a couple of chairs, "Doug, ax, gloves," with a cut on the back of the slogan "Slow and steady wins - will continue." Instead armrests - hatchets. This exhibit from the collection YAHM, perfectly fitting into the overall fabric of the exhibition.

Study for Surikov "Morning Streletsexecution" portrays a wife bearded archer. Characters for a picture of the artist chose the peasants. The girl is young, well-dressed - clothing items made out in detail, but in the eyes - sorrow, which will now become her companion until the end of days. The way the artists depicted the events remained in the minds of both the reality of the past. Generation grew up with such understanding of the history of the Fatherland.

If you are a patriot, the exhibition will recharge the battery with pride for a country where childhood memories are of the road, you can grieve for uncollectible illusions. Well, if you are a connoisseur of fine and beautiful nature, then this is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the "itinerant" art, forming part of the national intellectual property.

The exhibition will last until July  21, 2013.

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