Lets create a brigade "Fidelity" in every region of Russia

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 18/10/2013 09:33

Lets create a brigade "Fidelity" in every region of Russia

The issue of patriotic education of young people is part of the Russian national security strategy . Do they understand the seriousness of the situation at the state level as it is really necessary for the country? Do not substitute the concept in favor , as is common today to speak , the economic feasibility of market relations ? After all, capital is focused on the formation of recruits consumers business, he does not need identity, he seeks to unify society under globalization , which hails from the U.S..

Currently, the state withdrew from his role as education of citizens , left to their influence niche provision of educational services , and that, to cope with it somehow in educational services , satisfying neither the spirit nor the economic demands of the times . Most parents often work for 10 or even 12 hours a day, are under constant stress , to communicate with the children there is little time . What awaits in the street children? Pitfalls of the underworld , barkers in the entertainment , irregular migration with all its consequences . Today, a typical family - is one mom , most fathers drop out of life due to alcoholism and moral degradation. Do not be surprised if tomorrow a soil Liberals bring into our lives the format of " parent and the parent ", " two fathers and two mothers ." Generation of " Pepsi " will give the public defense of the country , our geopolitical interests ? Do not tell ...

How children grow up in such families ? What behaviors will accept and how they will raise their offspring ? On what moral matrix will work for the state defenders of the Fatherland , whether it is for them a sacred duty or work for a salary ?

Among such people with low moral degrees have the old generation , miss the point values ??- social state, having caved under the liberal values ??of the American economic model . Those who are lucky to have parents and they get a normal upbringing , it will be difficult to survive in an environment reminiscent of the jungle. In grandiloquent on this topic often practiced politicians . But things are there. Maybe nothing is really because of this kind of chatter in the community to let off steam ? Or maybe theres intent in this situation?

Fortunately, there are people who understand the catastrophic consequences of a 20-year oliberalizirovaniya . They do not complain and do the real deal. Thats what real men who understand their civic duty and patriotism solve the problem by his heart , professionally and give it your own time.

There is no heroism. It is accessible to many and it used in Russia , when the words were the case, and the honor was put up money.

There is on the waterfront in St. Petersburg Bypass Canal near the former Warsaw station Church of the Resurrection of Christ. Almost three years there acting interesting initiative. At the root stood a group of like-minded people - mostly - the graduates and students of the Military Space Academy AF Mozhaysky . Three years ago, they created the squad, "Fidelity" in the name of the Tsarevich Alexei. Confessor squads became a cleric of the Church of the Resurrection . Alexis Assumption .

It all began at the turn of the XX century with a prayer room in the Military Space Academy AF Mozhaiskogo . It was created on the initiative of the faithful officers. Then the situation changed in the academy , and the need to think about the future of the country was left with some soldiers. And they decided that they would work with the guys. It so happened that at Sunday School Church of the Resurrection , a few empty spaces. With the blessing of the abbot , Archimandrite Sergius ( Sturova ), they were repaired by the creators of the squad and the future of its students from among the young parishioners. At the end of the work has been started teaching. Three times a week (two days during the week , on Sunday after going to the service in the church ), 20 children 10-14 years old are taught the following subjects : the spiritual foundations of the Russian army , unarmed combat (until recently by the Cossack system SPAS , teacher Colonel SV Neskoromnyi ) , drill , fire , tactical , sanitary , mountain training , as well as military history . In the coming academic year, this list will fill a very important from the point of view of management squads , the subject - calligraphy. Teachers working with children in their spare time six people. Among them are former and current military personnel, including - the parents of students. The training program is designed for a different age , have their own insignia for the motivation for success . The system of awards , shape and military ranks , as in the Imperial Army. Not all of them will become an officer. But in the squad are doing all of the guys were up to the real men , with the right values ??, traditional for the Russian people do not become a dead branch - drug addicts , alcoholics or murderers .

- The boys grow up before our eyes. Not all are able to submit to discipline , such surrender and go. But those who are working to make up the backbone of the squad . Now it is the third course . , - Says o.Aleksy . - We have the appropriate program for beginners and seniors . These are mostly children of parishioners . However , the squad is open to all . We always take part in the wide and Russian competitions cadet classes ( its the guys which involved police , emergency , there is a sea route) . It turns out that the comparison is a kind of educational systems . According to the results coming out, if our guys are among the best, then the system is justified and is suitable for imitation. Our experience has caught on to the Don . Thanks asceticism Tuhovskogo Priest Alexander , rector of the Church of the Intercession in the village Shumilinskiy the Upper district of Rostov region , there appeared a subsidiary squad . We are constantly looking for new ideas . Recently received an interesting experience of outbound campaign. In summer, went to the village of Sura in Pinezhsky District of the Arkhangelsk region. It is the birthplace of St.. John of Kronstadt . There is a monastery near the village of Sura and revives his St. John family . This association admirers memory Kronstadt pastor at John Monastery , rallied around the idea of ??reviving the places where John resided Krontshtadsky and devoted to him . We were helped to stay with the guys. Led a military marching two-week camp commander Nikita Zateev , Cossack descent, according to the rank of lieutenant in the squad , a graduate of Academy Mozhaiskogo . We met with the local boys , the same age . St. Petersburgs children saw how , in practice, the Russian backwoods living from hand to mouth , that rural counterparts do not have any prospects to change their lives . Nowhere to earn money to parents , the climate is harsh, there is no sun and plenty of food , the boys grow hollow ones behind physically. See painful ... These guys unchurched - pure thoughts , but discipline is lame and we have to work with them , they can get out of the real defenders of the motherland.

According o.Aleksiya , the squad is committed to the format of the Cadet Corps . A social " order " of power - it is re- launched social guys , such as drug addicts. We must understand that this category should work other professionals , teachers of the squad are not ready for a model with a different methodology. It is necessary to eradicate the causes of these phenomena , not " drip " to deal with the investigation. Otherwise its a waste of time and money.

- We see how the guys are changing how they reflect positively on employment in the squad . Im seeing her this well , and I have three sons in the squad - continues o.Aleksy . - In fact, a lot of problems because the society does not see the boy - man tutor . The state does not provide a decent salary teacher - man , is not motivated to teaching . In the Caucasus is now a different approach at the state level . There is a cadet classes funded, where they teach military subjects , literally , in Suvorovs principles, and spiritual education - according to the Koran . I am very pleased that, among like-minded people in our squad is and the young officers that their own time , which can be spent on different things , give to the education of children , in the formation of these warriors.

ow warriors have gained some experience , has formed a basic methodology . They are willing to share their knowledge with those who understand the importance of this case. Its over, finances are important to maintain the initiative. But to attract guys and start doing business, and not to talk about this issue , it needs to conscience spoke to the soul of Russian officers and Cossacks . Such units should be available in every corner of Russia . If those who decide to come to St. Petersburg , to learn how to operate in the squad "Fidelity" , it is always possible to agree on this . Perhaps in the near future about . Alexis would consider how to build an educational experience into a compendium - training manual and make it available to the public.

- Does the Department of Defense , government, sponsors?

- The Ministry of Defence , probably knows about us , because we are often involved , become winners in military competitions for children of different levels. Sponsors buy form boys. Nothing more. Everything else is doing it yourself . Although, if there would be more participation finances then turn around and could have been better. After all, there are so many plans , pans !

here is no heroism in the affairs of . Alexis and associates. But there is a bright example of selfless devotion . In order to replicate the experience of a lot of professionalism is not necessary: ??take an example , do they have and all you get when you want . After all, teenage boys like a blank sheet of paper , who will enter his first line under this paragraph and will shape the life of boys. In the life of any successful (or not) the person was once an adult who in a time of need help , prompted , sent . Such a person is remembered for a lifetime. Years pass , and gratitude in my heart such a teacher in a school or a circle is , the importance of proper speech, said the teenager at the right time - does not fade . Many people have a chance to become the kind of person that will always be remembered . And the squad, "Fidelity" boys will always remember. For them, these classes as specified in the right direction on the compass of fate. And for those who give their time to these guys , act important . They are doing the right and proper thing. They are thus very important for the Russian line - defending their homeland , educate its defenders.

Think about it , how about you will be remembered through the years? What you have done significant for the country? Maybe its time to get busy and start working with children ? Then contact Fr. Alexis . He is a good man and you will find time will tell how to create a starting squad , admonishes . It is up to you thinking officers and Cossacks .

Victoria Sotskova

File photo squads "Fidelity"

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Konstantinov Efremovich Gregory , MP of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

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