Interethnic relations in the region Yaroslavl Assembly of the Peoples of Russia outlined the cur

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Posted on: 17/02/2014 10:09

Interethnic relations in the region Yaroslavl Assembly of the Peoples of Russia " outlined the current topic . in Yaroslavl City Hall held a round table on the theme: "The media , NGOs, and power : challenges and prospects for cooperation ." The meeting was held under the auspices of the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Russian Public Organization " Assembly of the Peoples of Russia".

Attended the event, representatives of the diaspora ( 24 organizations in the region ) , two advisers of the governor of Yaroslavl region - Alexander Sizov ( on interaction with the political parties and civil society organizations ) and Alexander Timchenko ( on Ethnic Affairs) . From the side of City Hall - Vyacheslav Gavrilov, Deputy Mayor for urban governance and cooperation with authorities and Sergey cunning , deputy head of the organizational work of municipal and public relations. From the municipality said the deputy Igor Blokhin . There were two representatives of the Public Chamber of the Yaroslavl region - Alexander Sokolov (" Center for Social Partnership ") and Boris Kolodizh ( Yaroslavl Branch of the Russian Society of Sociologists ) . Opinion media represented Irina Puchta , head of the regional organization " Union of Journalists of the Yaroslavl Region" and colleagues from a number of publications .

To meet these challenges, it is essential to develop an efficient algorithm interaction between power structures of the national communities represented in the regions , usually in the form of NGOs and the media. It was dedicated to this roundtable , attended by stakeholders . It caused a lot of questions .

It was once the Ministry of national relations . Then it was abolished , some functions ( purely mechanical ) was transferred to the Interior Ministry ( to put on record the migrant deregister , deport , conduct a raid , etc.) , cultural ties unsubscribe under the roof "Rossotrudnichestvo" and the "Russian World " ( they allocate grants to community organizations that work in this thread) . Interethnic relations of rank on the national task " flammable " theme, which is implemented by the Ministry , turned into a very different , emasculated , discharge, and was shattered . And too many cooks spoil turned and without eyes , and sometimes a loss of coordination of movement.

In Soviet times, was the doctrine of internationalism. This allowed people without a language barrier to feel comfortable in all the republics . Russian living in the national republics , taught the local language and history, particularly respected religious and sympathetic to the customs, confessional peculiarities . Local people are not confined to nationalist interests.

After they fled the republic " communal angles ," the main value in the new conditions become profit , selfishness , national arrogance , reshaping history in the interests of the ruling national elites and Russian anathematized international values ??and all the good things , the situation in this question has changed radically. Who benefits? Definitely, not ordinary citizens .

During the 20 years that life has grown a generation that sees Russia as a foreign country . Come here without knowing the language , understand the traditions and try to get in another monastery with its charter . It is from this and there are international problems at the household level .

In addition to household hand , there are more serious. Today in various regions operate the business community, formed on a national basis . Due to them much more durable than that of ordinary representatives of various national communities. Often , they create among the indigenous population of the regions to the rejection of the nation they represent . By the way, if their business involves criminal , to corruption , it is much more opposition from the layman than the "native" crime . But this is, again , a question of general policy, its systemic flaws and failures.

Should these issues to address diaspora volunteer ? Or should attend this power, including regional ? Of course , first of all power. But even with the power of understanding of their responsibility for national peace in the country, in the region, it needs funds to strengthen international relations . Grants to NGOs not much to do, we shift responsibilities to the civilian sector and volunteers will not be enough .

And now I would like to share how you can competently to really tackle some of the issues exfoliate the former Soviet society into national factions. Two years ago I was lucky enough to Baku to talk with Archbishop Alexander of Baku and Azerbaijan , a native of Yaroslavl. The basic idea sounded then , that the main thing - it is a dialogue , this is possible only when the balance of interests and the world . In 2012 he was awarded "Dostlug" ( "Friendship" ) for services to the development of friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Rossii.Takzhe he was awarded the Order of "Glory" ( Order of " Glory" ), which is awarded for outstanding achievements in promoting peace and friendship and development of cooperation among nations. Such confessional wisdom helps a Russian compatriots in Azerbaijan. As in Soviet times , they teach Russian and Azerbaijani languages ??in schools and universities , celebrate holidays together , children are taught the national dances and songs from kindergarten . Socio-economic problems in this country , most citizens feel practically at the same level without . If something does not suit or not - go tend to us or Belarus, Europe . Fortunately, someone in the Soviet period studied in Russia , someone served in Russia in the Soviet Army , etc., ie relatives, friends and classmates are scattered throughout the towns and villages . Incidentally, in recent years the outflow of Azerbaijanis of the Republic to Russia increased .

A small digression . By Soviet internationalism now thriving portal "Classmates" ( the owner Cyprus offshore , and the final host company « Alisher Usmanov. Data in 2013. ) . It is at this Internet site found each other many years later . This phenomenon as internationalism , which is still circulating in the blood of many born in the USSR , more nowhere.

Another facet of the construction of inter-ethnic peace . Speaking about the necessity of international education , can not be interpreted as a process of erasing the internationalism of national peculiarities , their socio-cultural code and dissolving them in the culture of the indigenous people. Interpenetration of cultures , traditions and values ??- thats the right direction . Local authorities have to think how to do it and with what means , it is possible that on the basis of diasporas.

Not invent a new need. Must carefully refers to the positive experience of the recent past , make any adjustments modern and have the desire to bring people and the state real benefit .

Held a round table , it seems to me , did not answer many fundamental questions of theme , although they correctly marked . I believe that the topic is not closed.

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance"

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Interethnic relations in the region Yaroslavl Assembly of the Peoples of Russia " outlined the current topic

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