In Yaroslavl , the first in the country forum " The future intellectual leaders of Russia "

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Posted on: 04/11/2013 13:34

In Yaroslavl , the first in the country forum " The future intellectual leaders of Russia "

From 2 to 5 November 2013 , the first All-Russian forum " The future intellectual leaders of Russia ." In Yaroslavl come from all over the country more than five hundred students and their teachers.

Came in a 1000 year old city on the Volga guys excelled with his inventions . The forum was formed from the young people who took part in the Olympic Games , were the winners of the humanitarian contests were sponsored projects. The guys worked on thematic sections: " The space of the future" (the use of huge reserves of fresh water , the ability of forests to the Earths atmosphere , climate control , etc. ), " Energy of the Future " ( alternative energy, how to take the energy from the ocean , renewable energy, etc. ) , "Medicine of the Future" ( biotechnology , gene and cell therapy , nano-medicine , etc.), "Communications of the Future" (informational noise , social networks , smart cities , etc.), "Transport of the Future" (energy for ultra-long flight , magnetic levitation, were looking for in space ), " society of the future (historical memory, cultural codes , population , etc.). Forum for them - it is a platform for personal growth and development.

Welcoming words uttered at the opening of the guests of honor : Alexander Beglov , Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Central Federal District , Sergei Hawks , Yaroslavl Region Governor Viktor Sadovnichiy rector of Moscow State University.

According to Alexander Beglova , a key objective of the forum - is the formation of a " nationwide talent bank " and the software bundle " talented young people - academics - potential employers ." The Governor of the Yaroslavl region Sergey Hawks sure that for the majority of this forum will be a small episode in a big way brilliant . He advised teachers to value and be able to appreciate the ones that will be maintained, despite the successes and downs.

For the first time in the last twenty years in Russia were puzzled by how to grow a new generation . After all of these guys , and will shape the future of the country, which will have to get on the current rulers of the state. The quality of the relationship of the state to a new generation depends - will they work in Russia or leave for big money and a favorable socio- economic and political conditions for self-realization.

The guests began to form many famous people , scientists, representatives of employers. Sponsors : Railways , Beeline, R-Pharm , Rostelecom .

It is a pity that such an approach is not a system , and act for the elite guys. Need to deal with each child , so you have to rely on anyone . Forum will definitely have to deal in motivating young people to have a desired destination , make contacts, etc. But the event is to " show". The state system is focused on commodity economies , lagging behind the progress it has most importantly - its hydrocarbons, and not the children . And , as you know , from " Osinki " not born apelsinka . Shares not solve the main problem , how to reproduce the intellectual elite of the high level of quality that has been dissolved in the USSR and the world . This requires a systematic approach that is the state of the social system . As once it already was.

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