Every year on October 20 is World Day against osteoporosis

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 09/10/2013 13:45

Every year on October 20 is World Day against osteoporosis , which is held under the auspices of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF). Yaroslavl Branch of the Russian association of anti- osteoporosis ( RAOP ) , part of the IOF, this year expanded the traditional format and decided to hold a series of events throughout the month.

Yaroslavl branch RAOP patients and society " Osteorus " together with the NGO " Yaroslavsky Union of Women" , which is headed by the deputy of the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma Olga Khitrova , September 30 to participate in regional exhibition " Social services for senior citizens of the Yaroslavl region." The specialists from the regional and urban centers of osteoporosis consulted , a survey of exhibitors handed out information and education materials .

Oct. 1 was declared the regional drawing competition among young and middle- school age , "Let my mother always be healthy and strong." One of the objectives of the competition - is the formation of a healthy way of life and awareness of the need to prevent osteoporosis from childhood. There are three nominations: " I ??want my mom to be healthy ", "My best mom in the world ," " Happy Family ." The competition results will summarize October 20. Winners will be awarded prizes and diplomas.

October 8 at the orphanage Leninsky district of Yaroslavl Galina Evstifeeva , a representative of society patients Osteorus ", met with the boys and held a lecture to educate children on the prevention of the disease.

October 28 will be a round table on " Strong women - osteoporosis ." The event provided a press conference with the media , a master class in tai chi, tasting. The event aims to draw public attention to the topic of prevention and on the results of the discussion will be signed appeal to the government and the legislature of the Yaroslavl region about the need to improve access and quality of care for patients with osteoporosis. 

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