Election Commission of the Yaroslavl region continues to check the documents of the parties.

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 03/08/2013 15:22

Election Commission of the Yaroslavl region continues to check the documents of the parties.

01.08.2013 held a press conference Denis Vasilyev, chairman of the election commission of the Yaroslavl region. Gone are the registration process five of the 23 political parties that claim to occupy 25 seats in the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma of the sixth convocation. Three parties refused to participate in the elections. It remains to verify the 15 political associations.

At a press conference Denis Vasilyev said that out of the fight dropped three parties - the "Labor Union", "Smart Russia" and "Civic Platform".

According to Denis Vasiliev, representative of the "Smart Russia" at the Commission explained that they have not dealt with the law. So do not set up fighting fund and opened a special account not tried to register their financial commissioner. The party spent the last party meeting on the nomination of candidates and the last passed a document for review

Half of the list of "Smart Russia" generation of 30-year-olds. Ambition, apparently, more than political experience and knowledge of election laws.

The intrigue with "Civic Platform" blown away from the official response of the Savings Bank Financial representative Semenova NV the bank has not been and is not due to financial otkryvala.Drugogo authorized at "GP" was not. By the way, some parties have registered several financial representatives.

Notice of opening of the account, surrendered before the election commission of the party had notice of the opening of accounts in single mandate candidate A.E.Mayna of Pereslavl. On the commission asked the party for itself special conditions to remedy the situation.

However, it was decided to exclude a party from the race for parliamentary seats. However, the single-mandate from the party will continue to fight.

Previously passed the registration procedure Liberal Democratic Party, the DPR. On 01.08.2013 were registered three parties - the "Patriots of Russia", "Motherland", "Union citizens".

Interestingly, the party "Union citizens" in its list does not have any Yaroslavets 11 Muscovites, four candidates - from the Krasnodar region, three - from the Tver region, one man from the Vladimir and Smolensk regions, Udmurtia, Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod and Stavropol Territory.

Notices about the shortcomings in the documents are in chronological order of their filing parties Grazhdanskoya force "," apple "," Green ".

Denis Vasiliev also explained that the party can be excluded from the election, if it will be excluded from the partys list of candidates for more than half. For example, the Liberal Democratic Party was excluded from the list of one candidate, but the party is in no way turned out. Some parties got candidates with a clear "safety", for example, more than 70 people at the "Communist Russia" and "Green." The maximum can be included in a list of 126 people, but no one has as many candidates scored.

Checks and continues to August 8 process is complete. Then hold the draw for the order on the ballot. 

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