Dostoevsky - Rykachev -Lenin in Yaroslavl.

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Dostoevsky - Rykachev -Lenin in Yaroslavl.

For the seventh time come to Yaroslavl descendants of three generations of old Russian Dostoevsky , Rykachev and Lenin, who a few years ago turned through Dostoevsky - 500 years, according to Lenas branches - 400 years, and by the nature of Rurik to which they relate , 1,200 years.

On the outskirts of Yaroslavl , Dyadkova in the neighborhood , there is a special school: her 112 years and there is a museum named after Andrei Mikhailovich Dostoevsky , the brother of the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The school managed to keep the tradition, to fit into the present. For years, the museum engaged Ludmila P. Smirnov , the team of teachers , students and friends of the school gathered the crumbs of exposure. At the request of the descendants of the architect in the 2006 school museum was named after A. Dostoevsky, and in September of this year - and the school was named after him . The director of the museum at present - Galina Avenirovna Fadeev , who worked as the director of the school until this September , done a lot for his development in this grade.

In the same area has a library named after writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It manages Irina V. Blokhin . When asked where did the attention to Dostoevsky in this area of ??town ? She did not hesitate a second, says: " From the great love of creativity and of Dostoevsky brothers ." School and library are in constant contact educational and training process . Cultivating interest in two remarkable individuals , helping them to work together to reformat the interest of the younger generation with fakes consumer market for real moral values ??, ancestral Russian tradition.

Brother of the writer, Andrei Mikhailovich with Yaroslavl quarter century linked work . He served as the chief provincial engineer, architect. Here he lived with his family , had raised four children. At the cemetery of buried Leontief Domnika Ivanovna , his wife . In the history of power came as an architect and memoirist . Thanks to his " Memoirs ," we know how to shape the identity of his brother as a writer , memoirs were a starting point of a biography of the writer.

If we ignore the educational component of enthusiasts from schools and libraries, then there are the other factors that are currently in short supply, and the intelligentsia Yaroslavl focuses public attention specifically to family traditions , values ??. These factors form a citizen of love for the native land , pride in the country of birth .

Recently, the library held a wonderful event . On it was not mentioned in the national media , but essentially it is the vivid episode of the activities of the cultural community of the city, their transferability across the country . In Yaroslavl once again came from St. Petersburg couple Dostoevsky - Rykachev and Lenin . They are descendants of one ancestral line of Andrei Mikhailovich , while the founders of the other branches - Lenin, the conquerors of the Siberian land . The ancestors are , one might say , the gene pool of the country , and did not disgrace the honor descendants of the ancient and noble family of their activities for the benefit of present state. More than five years Larisa and Andrew S. Lenas in close contact with the school, a museum and library in Dyadkova .

Came to the meeting representatives of Yaroslavl Historical and Genealogical Society , the city branch of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments and Cultural Organization ( VOOPIK ) and Yaroslavl , indifferent to the subject of pedigrees traditions - Irina Ismatilaevna Tagiyeva Natalia Silantyeva , Tatiana Filip Yurchenko , Svetlana Levagina , Sergey Solovyov Elena Pchelkina and many others. In the hall of the library reading and communication focused intellectual energy of great power , as if to confirm that no slip of intelligent people no reforms , formations , trends true spirit of Russia , based on the power of family and education .

Library hosts greeted the guests , the head of a reading room, Elena Kalinina held a short tour of the exhibitions prepared for the event . Visitors saw the pedigree Dostoevsky , books about the writer . Rare edition of the kind of Dostoevsky in 1933 donated to the Library Kocheshkov Andrei and folio " Chronicle kind of Dostoevsky " in 2012 - Nikolay Bogdanov . Matchbox factory imperial times DUNAEVA brought Tatiana Lezhnikova . Then , Natalia Mosyagina demonstrated presentation based on archival documents and memoirs of his brother - quotes writer. A report on the work of Andrei Mikhailovich Dostoevsky made ??Yaroslavl architect, member VOOPIK Oleg V. Vyatkin . It was interesting to learn features of professional skill of the engineer - architect of the Russian Empire in the interpretation of our contemporaries. According to O. Vyatkina , the architect has made a great contribution to the preservation of historical monuments of the Yaroslavl region , distinguished himself as a specialist high level. In terms of creativity , he appeared in the era of breaking styles, proved to be a superb restorer and re-enactor , who was able to fit perfectly into the fabric of its own work of previous masters, organic blend of tradition and novelty .

Larisa Lenin described the generic threads - these people were the color of the nation of his time, was a wide circle of friends . Eugene Andriivna , the eldest daughter of Andrei Mikhailovich , married Michael Alexandrovich Rykachev , a great scientist , academician , a meteorologist . Their daughter, Alexandra happily lived to 94 years and maintained a clear mind and a brilliant sense of humor. Sometimes, telling relatives , who had a tradition to gather on weekends, as she was a child sitting on the lap of Fyodor Dostoevsky , as sparkled and danced at balls with Admiral Kolchak. She went on to marry handsome dignified ( 190cm height ) , educated and successful Sergei N. Lenin, who was older than her 15 years , was a high-ranking official in the government. He was not so noble family , but his ancestors have tried a lot to expand the borders of the Russian state . The family legend says that the Yenisei Cossack Ivan Posnik made ??four campaign during the conquest of Siberia near the Lena River , founded Verhojansk , Vilyuisk Zashiversk . For these services to the state tsar Mikhail Romanov gave the name of Lenin and the Cossack estate in Vologda .

Sergei Nikolaevich was a progressive views , was a member of the Free Economic Society , where he met with a lawyer Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov , who used his official statistical data for their research papers , for example, in "The Development of Capitalism in Russia ". By the way , the elder sister , Olga , taught to work in the Sunday school , which also worked and Nadezhda Krupskaya , in consequence of a spouse VI Ulyanov. When there was a need to travel abroad Travel Abroad Ulyanov , he turned to Lenin , who took the passport of his elderly father Zhukovsky . Slightly modifying the passport (in those days it was descriptive , without a photo ) , a document handed to Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov , who later became published as Lenin.

With great difficulty and loss Lenas family survived the Civil War . They remained in Russia , began to work with the Soviets , have passed all tests with the young people of the state, wrote their pages in its history. In the XXI century, the family great grandson AM Dostoevskys two daughters - Alla and Tatiana , the son of Alexander , seven grandchildren - George , Vladimir, Norman , Mark, Nicholas, Bogdan and Sophia .

Proud of the ancestors , the joy of a successful family - is today a rarity. Representatives of these genera are the intellectual gene pool of the new Russia . Since they need to follow the example patriotic service to the state . And strive to create, save and share their worthy ancestral traditions , to learn from such a rich experience

The experience of contact with the descendants of the outstanding libraries childbirth Russian valuable profound meaning. Society needs role models , spiritual beacons . They can take in reality and to draw from history. This is a real storehouse of famous names . The sons of the Dostoevsky - Rykachev and Lenin have what money can not buy - contribution to the history , sincere respect , a way of keeping yourself in any historical realities. Thank them for what they are finding the time and energy are on guard traditions of the Russian land , contact with the province .

Will make to the development of the country the current Russian society even a hundredth part of what made ??the previous generation , will remember us as citizens of their own country , the creators ? The question is open .

But in the normal library and school on the outskirts of Yaroslavl intellectuals decided that the resources will be in the possession of , and make a contribution to the spiritual changes . It is a symptom of social healing of society. To form the cultural environment does not require billions of rubles. In a consumer society and the headship of capital needed understanding of their civic duty , associates and mental attitude.

Victoria Sotskova

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