Debtor tracing and empowerment of bailiffs

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Posted on: 17/04/2014 18:33

Debtor tracing and empowerment of bailiffs

17.04.2014 was held a press conference with the participation of Igor Menkin , Chief Bailiff Yaroslavl control FSSP Russia , Valery Lebedev , head of the organization of work on tracing debtors and their property , Anna Snyatkova , head of the organization of the sale of property of debtors.

UFSSP representatives informed about innovations legislation on enforcement , which entered into force in March 2014. to improve the efficiency of enforcement of judgments tracing debtors , their wealth and children , which " did not share " parents .

Legislative innovations was given interpretation of the definition "executive search " - is an executive- search activities aimed at establishing the whereabouts of the debtor, the debtors property or the location of the child. A list of the bailiff . Now he has the right to inspect the premises , buildings, structures , terrain occupied wanted persons or belonging to them . Has the right to inspect documents citizen if suspects that he wanted, or keeps the child declared wanted. Thus, if there are grounds bailiff conducting the search, has the right to demand documents from citizens living on the street, in public places. Now search file can be opened bailiff on his initiative , if the debt is more than 10 thousand rubles. In tracing the bailiff can declare yourself alimony , compensation for injury or in connection with the death of a breadwinner for damages caused by the crime , on the serving of compulsory work , the recovery of fines imposed as punishment for a crime . In other cases, the claim, but also the amount of debt to exceed 10 000.

Igor Menkin said he signed an agreement with the Northern Bank of Sberbank of Russia , to be able to debit the debtors bank accounts with that ushers studying social networks and thus identify the debtors and their property , make inquiries to find debtors turn the administration of schools and kindergartens polyclinics . Total debt of all debtors in the region compared to the previous year increased by one billion rubles. For a quarter of this year opened 316 investigative cases.

Victoria Sotskova

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