Crumbs from the field of information warfare.

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Author of publication: Alexander Makhotin

Posted on: 21/07/2014 09:17

Crumbs from the field of information warfare. 

Happy July 18 Czech newspaper «Parlamentni Listy» published an article about the victim on the eve of the Malaysian Boeing, offering, in addition to articles, the online survey their readers with just one question: "Who shot down a civilian Boeing over Ukraine?" That is to say - "the voice of the people." And the Czechs not very friendly brought to Russia, it should be noted. 

By the next day, July 19, the answers were: 

"Pro-Russian separatists" - 12%; 

"Russian Army" - 3%; 

"Ukrainian Army" - 83%; 

"No, it was an accident" - 2%. 

At that time, participated in the survey 7284 person. 

In the same 19.30 19.07 when I census this message went to the site of the newspaper - recheck the data. At that time, voters were already 12,784 people (updated survey). And, accordingly, their answers already distributed as follows: 

"Pro-Russian separatists" - 15%; 

"Russian Army" - 4%; 

"Ukrainian Army" - 79%; 

"No, it was an accident" - 2%. (At 19:30 MSK 19.07) 

As you can see - the difference is small, although the number of voters has increased significantly, by almost half. 

And then the fun begins. 

It is clear that there is some opinion on issues of some sort of readers, some kind of Czech newspapers, even the parliamentary - not very interesting to our "partners" because of ocean and Brussels (especially as the Czech Republic and as a member NATO). But Russias support for the Europeans, in any form, - for them has become extremely painful. It is possible that even about the opinion of Czech readers - they learned from their services monitoryaschih Russian Internet, rather than Czech. But it does not matter! It is important that the next "washing" of these klyatyh Russian - it was impossible to tolerate! And their sofa hamsters were bravely thrown into battle with Russian "evil spirit." 

Gone night with a small picture online poll has changed dramatically, and now (at 3:00 MSK 21.07) looks like this (copied from the site): 


Kdo podle v?s sest?elil civiln? letadlo nad Ukrajinou? 

Proru?t? separatist? - 1% 

Rusk? arm?da - 64% 

Ukrajinsk? arm?da - 34% 

Nikdo, ?lo o nehodu - 1% 

hlasovalo: 206537 lid? 

(If anyone does not understand Czech, translate, its not hard: 

Pro-Russian separatists - 1% 

Russian army - 64% 

Ukrainian army - 34% 

Nobody accident - 1% 

Voted: 206,537 people.) 

Logical question arises: what happened? The world were presented irrefutable evidence of guilt in the death of Russia "Boeing"? Or all Czechs had suddenly remembered all the insults, 1968 and defeats hockey - and began to vote saying, "Do not forget, do not forgive?" Well, yes - a few people in front of our embassy in Prague held perfomens, which was named "mikromaydan": a lighter igniting toys (?), With putting some dolls naked, smeared with, like, blood ("Putin killed my son!") And to wallow in the grass among the debris, hiding behind a makeshift wing "Boeing", carved out of papier-mache. On childrens theme-fixers "protestuvalniki" particularly pressed: she squeezes harder tear. And they were, of course, is quite superfluous to remind you that Malaysia itself has denied allegations of 88 children thrown into the box immediately after the crash by someone unknown: in fact on board, according to the airline, were only 3 children. There is an order, "Putin - killer of children," and all the money back ... do not give you wish - all this can knockabout see all the details on the same newspapers website below where I give a link to the survey (but one photo clowning for order , I add). But even these show-men approached passersby with St. George ribbons on his chest (it is in Prague!) And obviously made ??so original "condolers" clowns nervous. 

But no, the Czechs are not susceptible to hysteria. My friend, who has lived in Prague for many years, knows this people: calm, slow in judgment, pragmatic and conservative in their majority. Especially because in the last day, not only was not charged with the guilt of Russia - but it became quite clear even Europeans (Germans wrote about, for example) that Kiev tried all vtyuhat crudely fabricated fake "negotiations" militia of the downed plane. And he was literally caught on the arm. 

The answer to the other. The notorious "public opinion" does not need to formulate their opinions in asking the people. And if they do not match - so much the worse for the people. 

No need to attract complex math to calculate - as was done here with ballot box stuffing. Especially that the vote on the newspapers website did not need anymore Registered: PUSH selected answer thee, and all (Incidentally, I did not vote in principle not to violate the purity of reading). And if we assume that ordinary citizens of the Czech Republic also continued slowly to vote, and when you consider that the percentage who believe that blame "separatists" (ie, opponents of the Nazi junta militia) - was certainly much higher than blaming in Russia - and now we see these only 1% (!) - it is quite clear that the stuffing was only one: blame "Russian army." Thats all. 

Of course, its nothing compared to what is happening in the world. But nothing indicative. And its not that we are lagging behind in the "knopkodavstve." And that "democracy" has become the most brazen field and shameless lies. And consider this an absolute norm for himself, accustomed to speak "on behalf of the people" all that zablagorazsuditsya. Deeply contemptuous opinion of the people themselves - no matter what country this was not most people. 

Anyone can check this on the site of the newspaper itself «Parlamentni Listy» yourself. 

Alexander Makhotin 

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