Competition "Environmental Troopers ."

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Posted on: 17/11/2013 12:11

Competition "Environmental Troopers ."

From 19 August to 17 November 2013. Yaroslavl competition " Environmental Troopers ." Organizers «Coca-Cola Hellenic» Charity Fund Civil Initiatives " project for the future ." Municipality Yaroslavl supported initiative.

The essence of the project and save the Volga shore clean attract young people to address pollution of the Volga River , tell them about the separate collection , recycling and the latest methods of waste disposal.

The idea began in 2006 with the project "Living Volga" . Yaroslavl is one of the cities in the implementation stages of the project. The competition project "Environmental landing" from August 19 to November 17, school and university students brought to the headquarters of "Living Volga" plastic bottles and waste paper , which were sent to the factory processing through a unique technology in the granulate . So assembled plastic received a second "life" and came back again in the form of bottles to the consumer. During that volunteers receive points that can be converted on entertainment and souvenirs from the organizers of the rally .

Yaroslavl City Hall supports the initiative of the project "Living Volga" and competition "Environmental landing" as the advancement of the natural environment are the most relevant . According to Tatiana Gubina regional manager of the organizing company in the Yaroslavl region annually produce 1 million tonnes of waste , most of which lies in landfills and dumps. "The problem is not unique , - Mrs. Tatyana Gubin . - In Europe, the methods for its solution worked out the last few decades , our country would cost to adopt the most successful experience and apply it in practice. Serious step could be a separate waste collection system and construction of waste companies . And, of course , measures to stimulate business and society to solve these problems "

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