Church and State in the framework of regional Christmas readings .

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Posted on: 29/11/2013 09:51

Church and State in the framework of regional Christmas readings .

29.11.2013 was held the conference "The Church and the State . Caring for the health and social service in modern society . " Organizers government Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl region metropolis .

After the welcoming words of the head of the Department of Health and SL Vundervalda rector Yagma AV Pavlov made ??Archpriest Sergey Filimonov, Candidate of Theology , Chairman of the Society of orthodox doctors in St. Petersburg. His report " Monastic medicine - the source of origin of the health and social service " contained historical aspects of the topic . Just a story about it today against the church to medicine . Reported that there are two medical institutions in monasteries in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And the story about the company parvoslavnyh doctors , Kotra has branches in 63 regions . Member Yaroslavl society NV Levshin , assistant professor of outpatient therapy and clinical laboratory diagnostics Yagma highlighted the theme "Spirit , soul, body . The doctrine of the person of St. Luke Crimean (Prof. Voyno- Yasenetsky ) . Some of the statements in the report from the medical staff and the teacher was surprised to hear . In the case acted NV Olendar , head of the department of health care for women and children Department of Health and Pharmacy Yaroslavl region. She reported that child abandonment was smaller and it is connected with the improvement of preventive work with women. Interesting historical facts on the history of his native land BR Lozinski , chairman of the regional branch of the public organization "Russian Red Cross ," the report cited " Orthodox view on treatment and care of patients . Experience World War . " He spoke about how Yaroslavl took the wounded from the front, as was tripled rendering medical assistance from the townspeople. Officer Magazine "The Church and Medicine" SV Lobodina informed on " compassionate ministry of the House of Romanov ," and GA Mezenin , chief nurse GBUZ YAO " Regional Emergency Medical Center ," the president of the "Association of nurses " Pigeons "- described the history of the sisterhood in dosovetstkom period. How important was the report of O. Startseva , deputy director of organizational and methodological work GUS SB YAO "Yaroslavl Gerontology Center ." She spoke about the importance of communication for older people caught by chance to live out their days on the breech bed. The topic of her report " Millioterapiya - treatment environment." Abbot Theodore (Kazan) , chairman of the Department for Church Charity and Social Service , interaction with medical institutions Yaroslavl archdiocese , spoke about the experience , the social partnership of state and non-state actors . The department s own website . There are many groups of problems on smoking and alcoholism , vaccination to bioethical issues . In Yaroslavl has 9 temples in hospitals. Signed an agreement on cooperation with the authorities of the diocese . As he said , the work from the church in the social issue is being actively , for example, the action " feed the hungry " , the formation of volunteering , etc. .

Whether from excess regulation time , or something else , for some reason , but by the end of the conference room thinned . Were indeed those to whom it was interesting. It is understandable - the specific topic of the conference , not for everyone, is controversial .

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance" 

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