Charity for orphans " Yaroslavl.

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Posted on: 16/04/2013 11:05

Charity for orphans " Yaroslavl

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" Yaroslavl Regional Charity Organization "FRIENDS OF RUSSIAN ORPHANS" was founded in 2002. The main goal - to help pupils to improve their quality of life, upbringing and education, the development of the children desire for a healthy lifestyle and confidence, moral values and the required skillsl civic and financial responsibilityt cultural behavior.r.p/

The organization has a lot of activities, ideas and concrete actions to adapt childrens homes to the rigors of life outside the walls of institutions. For graduate students who have successfully enrolled in higher education institutions, vocational schools and colleges, public figures enthusiasts implement the scholarship program and coaching (patronage in education, support for adaptation in the student community).

Society no longer interested in the fate of the pupil, as soon as it is beyond the threshold of the institution. And when there is no reliable rear, then arranged with dignity in society difficult. Many of them live in childrens homes from the early years of real life and the dangers of knowledge, mainly theoretical, often they are legally illiterate and gullible, do not know their rights and duties of the state. And chairman of the board (Evstifeeva Galina), volunteers, supporters - do much to improve the situation and to orphanages can look with confidence to the future. All the activities - through grants, donations and personal connections G.A.Evstifeevoy former teacher.

The organization has a lot of plans, among them is the most important and four points. We offer to take part in their implementation:

1.Obrazovatelnaya scholarship program for graduates of childrens homes (8 people.) Enrolled in higher education (coaching, scholarships). Scholarships to graduates of childrens homes - successful students of vocational schools and colleges (5 people). Payment of training courses in their chosen profession, and assistance with special. literature, payment tutoring sessions for graduate admission to colleges and technical schools.

2.Postinternatnoe case management and social adaptation of childrens homes.

3.Programma rehabilitation, socialization and social integration in modern society, "Lessons for Success" for students and graduates. Successful people are invited to talk about how they took their place in life.

       4. Support for children (including financial aid), left without parental care, childrens homes graduates who find themselves in difficult situations (Foundation "Hope").

       If you have questions and wish to extend a helping hand, then please contact Galina Evstifeeva ([email protected]) and Natalia Krohinskoy - ([email protected]), tel. 7 980 658 65 64. Or our administration. Write a letter.

Banking details for cashless payment:

r/s.40703810342000476501 (rubles).

" Yaroslavl branch of "PSB" " Yaroslavl, IDN 7744000912 BIC: 047888760

        c / a 30101810300000000760 in GRKC Bank of Russia for " Yaroslavl region.

        " Yaroslavl Regional Charity Organization "FRIENDS "


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