Candidates in the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma removed due reference.

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Author of publication: Viktoria Sotscova

Posted on: 21/08/2013 19:19

Candidates in the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma removed due reference.

21.08.2013g. held a press conference the head of the electoral commission Yaroslavl Denis Vasiliev. The main theme: the situation at the moment, review complaints and information on income and expenditure of election funds.

The political struggle in the elections to the regional Duma exacerbated not only in the campaigning field, but also in the legal. Which is understandable, because with so many willing to take parliamentary seats, all means are good. Therefore, some of the candidates or their agents scrutinize the affairs of its competitors and found to be hooked to kick the competitor over the line.

Not surprisingly, because the bureaucratic bureaucratic corrosiveness and the ability to find fault and make mountains out of molehills - a great success for a number of candidates and their teams. Well, of course, and a good knowledge of the electoral law and practice. Just a classic of the genre, without notes - youre not a candidate.

So, Igor Efimov (the party "For Justice") exercised its right and lodged a complaint that the candidate Andrei will decide on the "GP" is not provided in person at the election commission of inquiry on accounts in foreign banks. The court listened to the arguments of the complainant. Break in on him this new provision of the law entered into force before the election, was set an example for other candidates who have decided to also posutyazhnichat competitors. For the same reason, was withdrawn from the election of Sergei Ohoven (district number 8, candidate of the "GP").

Some candidates themselves refuse to fight. So one day series, "Wed" orphaned by six candidates. Perhaps realizing the futility of trying to get into power, they did not want to be extras.

Two current MPs Dubrovina Tatiana (from "ER") and Victor Lifanov (District 22) was not lucky, they were withdrawn from the election. Dubrovin was samovidvizhenets, signatures in favor of her nomination was spotless, except for one. But she got into a "zone" of alienation due to lack of information about overseas real estate. Precedent has been set for the election of the entire country. A Lifanov knocked out of the fight due to the quality of the collection of signatures.

Removed Andrew Minin (the "Patriots of Russia"), the promoted "Civic Platform" Eugene Mayne, samovidvizhenets - Paul Fadeichev. However, the rotation of the candidates could still continue. Some have decided to litigate to the end and go to challenge the verdict of the regional to the Supreme Court.

Denis Vasiliev, the head of the electoral commission Yaroslavsky noted feature of this election - is a record low number of samovidvizhentsev. In the Yaroslavl Oblast Duma - nominated were only seven people, one of them is removed. From political parties were nominated 220 candidates in single-mandate constituencies.

In parallel to the regional Duma elections are elections to the local self-government -59 municipal campaigns. Elected by the 25 chapters. The biggest election - Mayor of Rybinsk. At 25 vacancies were nominated 102 candidates and 87 - are registered. In this case, there were 40 self-nominated and 47 from political parties. Denied there were 15 candidates (one of the "Civic Platform" and the 14-samovidvizhentsev: 25 - ,12-EP Liberal Democratic Party, the Communist Party-four, three-SR, two - "Patriots of Russia" and one of "homeland" and "Republican Party of Russia -Peoples Freedom Party ").

These figures suggest that in the province of independents are more likely and the "issue price" lower than in the elections to the regional Duma, which are measured by the political and material resources of the old-timers games and wealthy Yaroslavl. And on the other hand, the ability to achieve anything in the lobby or the cash-strapped province is lower than in the area. That is, Efficiency of the deputy higher, respectively, and wishing to be among the "lucky ones" - more.

According to Denis Vasiliev, by 411 deputies in the elections at the level of urban municipalities, settlements emerged a 858 candidates, 788-zaregitrirovano, of which 163 nominees and 625-Party. In practice, the competition two people in place at the time, as in the regional Duma, almost 20 per chair. 65 applicants denied it samovidvizhentsev 38 and 27 - from the parties. From regional party branches were registered 625 candidates (405 - EP candidates, 80 - from the Communist Party, 70 - from CP-58 from the Liberal Democratic Party, eight of the "Patriots of Russia", three of the GP and one of the "Green").

The main reason - an error in the documentation. The losses suffered due to lack of knowledge "green party", "ER", "Communist", "CP" Homeland, "For Justice", "Liberal Democratic Party", "Parnassus" Practically, the competition two people in place at the time, in obldumu - almost 20 per chair.

The very first, exhausted the limit of 10 million rubles. authorized level of funding, the party "Yabloko". For it - "Fair Russia" - from 7 million rubles. 6.mln already spent. The "ER" - from 7 million rubles. spent 6 million rubles., "Green" Party of 4 million rubles. spent the entire amount, etc. There is still have time to turn propaganda budgets as "white" and shadow. This no doubt.

The length of the bulletin will exceed the rate of two times on the regional Duma elections, many candidates and parties in this time have the patience of the people. Therefore KOIB will not be used, since they guarantee the quality, if a list of up to 40 cm, if longer, as this time, it can fail and are generally jammed paper "expression of the will" of citizens.

We will vote in the old and counting "tick" - too. CCTV will not. Left to believe in miracles justice. So who will win? The rich and famous, or maybe a decent and workable? 

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