Active Aging citizens - is the need for the budget.

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Posted on: 05/12/2013 15:24

Active Aging citizens - is the need for the budget.

20 years ago in a country with a tradition considered by the Russian way of honoring Seniors thesis " elders - honor ." Now the word " old " sounds like a death sentence . People become " invisible " - the state does not see , does not hear the interests of treats on leftovers , etc. And society rightly calls them "socially marginalized people ." Russian society is aging rapidly . And this is a worldwide trend . Whether the state is ready for such a situation ? Perhaps this process will lead to the reform of the social system.

05.12.13g the II Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference " Experience of social service institutions Yaroslavl region to improve the quality of life of older people." It was attended by representatives of the social sphere of Ivanovo, Kostroma, Vladimir and Moscow regions . Topic relates to each of us. No one is safe in a pragmatic society to be on the edge of life before the broken tub : no relatives in poor physical condition . Level of humanity in society just a barometer of civilization , progressiveness and a democratic system of governance.

Experience to improve the quality of life of older people shared O. Startseva , Master of Social Work , Deputy Medical Director GBU CO YAO Yaroslavl Regional Gerontology Center . In this paper they use best practices of colleagues , own experience , great importance is given millioterapii - treatment environment. JF Albegova , Doctor of Social Sciences , Professor, Head of the Department of Social Technologies in YSU them . Demidov voiced report " Social services in a modern system of social services : concept, classification and problems of providing older people." According to her social service - a product seller . Needs of society in it, but the availability and quality does not meet the needs of society . Need to work hard in this direction , bringing them to the level of socio- advanced countries . T. Kiseleva , Ph.D., assistant professor of social pedagogy and organization of work with youth YAGPU them . KDUshinskogo presented the project "Peer - Peer" . Very important with understanding to the merits of the last elderly man . Volunteer in this project can serve an older man who is willing and able to listen to the same age . This communication will bring mutual psychological help one to speak out , the other - feel of being wanted . J. J. Novak , head of the department of nuclear weapons acquisition SEI "Yaroslavl Medical College" informed the audience about how important the role of nurses in the work with the elderly , as is preparing personnel taking into account features of patients age . AN Filkina , deputy head of the Social Service Department of Social Protection of the Ivanovo region . The bulk of the elderly live in rural areas . To ensure the availability of social services they formed interagency mobile teams . Projects , many popular , 20 of them received financial support of 3.5 million rubles . This " library at home ," "School Safety for Seniors " ( 23 schools ) , a network of " legal advice students fashion theater " Your Majesty "( model - retirees who made ??themselves clothes ) , newspaper ( it makes the elderly ) social and pilgrim tourism projects on self-organization ( think out and implement themselves ) . In Ivanovo two years cooperating towards projects with the Charity Foundation Helena and Gennady Timchenko . Ph.D., a clinical psychologist Yaroslavl Regional Gerontology Center NS Golovchanova told about the project " Life goes on ."

IGOR Arkhipov , PhD , associate vice - president of the Russian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics , director of the State Organization "All- methodical Gerontology Center " convinced that all the relevant reports of the conference , to help develop a system . Active Aging , according to I. In Arkhipova , valuable public resource in an aging world and contradictions arising in connection with this . Today is not developed yet the state program of active longevity . Although the political will to implement it has , but the mechanism is not developed . And it is not only the task of Gerontology or geriatricians , but also the whole society. Today, there are separate institutions , the system relegated to regional authorities , which determine development priorities . According to , IV Arkhipov , needed a unified state system , standards of social care for older .

Who knows, maybe overdue social reform ? It is possible that the problems of active longevity , the dreams of every man to become a state task , but not an obligation, a limited category of wealthy and fortunate senior citizens.

Victoria Sotskova

RIA "National Alliance" 

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