A round table on « Strong women – osteoporosis»

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A round table on « Strong women – osteoporosis»

 October 15, 2013 in Moscow held a round table on «Strong women – osteoporosis» , dedicated to the International Day against osteoporosis. This event is held annually on October 20 under the auspices of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF). This year, the Russian Association on Osteoporosis ( RAOP ) patients and society " Osteorus " celebrate this day series of activities in the regions for the month : public meetings , press conferences for the media, counseling and testing for patients , educational lectures , master classes tai chi, childrens art contests , etc.

Roundtable gathered in the capital of energetic women who want to de facto social disease become so de jure , and the information received on this design decision by the authorities to prevent and treat osteoporosis. The seriousness of the consequences of the disease, which reduces the strength of bones and fractures occur even with minor injury , is currently undervalued . Meanwhile , the society objectively aging, and osteoporosis refers to the age the problems of man . Many experts believe , if we do not address this complex , in the long term the government can expect , literally , " osteoporotic collapse ."

The journalists were: Olga Lesnyak , MD, PhD , president of the RAOP , Olga Ershov , d m n . , Professor, Vice -President RAOP , head of the " Osteorus "; Elena Volokitina , d m . n . , professor, orthopedic trauma , Svetlana Yureneva , d m n . Professor, gynecologist , Lyudmila Sidorkina , deputy director of the department of specialized medical care and rehabilitation of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation ; Raziet Hamedovna Nacht , deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation , a member of the Committee on Health , Dinara Safina - Russian tennis player , the second Russian tennis player , who became the first player in the world , the Silver medalist of the Olympic games 2008. Vela debate Julia Bordovskih , Honored Master of Sports of Russia , and TV host .

According to statistics, currently 24 % of the Russians in the area of ??risk for the disease. In the opinion . R.H.Nahto today lawmakers are oriented society for the promotion of healthy lifestyles , and the topic of osteoporosis has matured to its discussion was conducted in the legislative audience , and expert advice for the prevention of osteoporosis have found practical application in the regions.

OB Lesnyak said that the association was founded in 1995 and it all being made extensive efforts to address prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis refers to a disease of civilization, it is formed as a result of improper diet , lack of vitamin D and calcium ( calcium Russians consume twice less than in affluent countries), physical inactivity , unhealthy habits. Recently, experts have pointed out that the disease is "younger ." But the bulk of the patients - its older people : one in three men and one in four women after age 50 have fragile bones and fracture risk . Professor Lesnyak believes that society can and should establish a system of prevention, care and rehabilitation for such patients.

OB Yershov convinced that a systematic approach to the prevention of osteoporosis is possible at the level of consultation with a specialist. For this test developed by the Russian - FRAX. This test helps determine the risk of osteoporosis . A more detailed examination of the bone tissue was performed on the densitometer . Equipment is not enough, most of the equipment is concentrated in the cities of federal significance ( and according to the standards of such a device should be per 100 thousand population). Meanwhile, it allows early diagnosis of the disease to prevent serious consequences of fractures. In addition, poor roads add seasonal problem - increasing the number of fractures.

Yaroslavl has designed a standard system and protocols to assist with hip fracture . Regions with political will and humane attitude towards older people can learn from the experience of Yaroslavl , use the operating time . According Ershovoy in the community are aware of the social ills such as cancer or a stroke , but that of a hip fracture die as much, if not more older people tend not to notice . Man with a heart attack or stroke brought on "fast" and will provide assistance with hip fracture - often sent home or not hospitalized . There is no corresponding policy to provide care to osteoropoticheskim hip fracture . Going to the understanding of the situation there, but insignificant. "We do not molodeem , everyone has parents . The problem of osteoporosis confronts every one of us in one way or another - says OB Yershov - We must draw attention to the health problems of elderly people. Despite the economic component - is a high-tech help, ie prosthetics, expensive, we need to give patients the chance and to prevent a second fracture. Prevention, early detection , recognition of the socially significant disease osteoporosis - these are the factors that will help everyone. "

According to EA Volokitina , the big question : "How to change the situation ? " Conservative treatment for osteoporosis is not effective, from a list of high-tech care arthroplasty transferred to the list of MLA. Raises the concern goes to the benefit of this situation patients. Are you ready to doctors to do such operations in each hospital will not diminish whether in connection with this financing, whether it will lead to a decrease in operations in which patients need ? In addition, EA Volokitina concerned , there is no standard first aid is sick elderly against osteoporosis. Old age requires special treatment and rehabilitation, among socially disadvantaged groups often no one to take care of at home, no money for rehabilitation. At the sanatorium treatment are sent to rehabilitation of working age . According to trauma , elderly patients should receive a full rehabilitation. Strong women should ensure active aging Russian population .

SV Yureneva , is convinced that the prevention of osteoporosis should begin in utero , ie mum power should be balanced, the body has to get the baby enough calcium . In childhood and adolescence period formed the skeleton . Proper nutrition , physical activity , proper sexual development - affect the composition of the bone. In women, the biological and chronological age is not the same . Menopause dramatically speeds up the aging process . Our women are often deficient in vitamin D and calcium, so are at risk . The main prevention strategy : to identify individuals at high risk for fracture , proper nutrition , physical activity, avoiding harmful habits , drug therapy if necessary . The elderly skin ceases to absorb vitamin D , and they need to compensate for drugs. S.V.Yureneva stressed that it is possible to obtain an optimal mechanism for the prevention , healthy lifestyles lead to better birth and correction of drugs with proven effect will preserve the beauty and confidence in the future .

Julia Bordovskih wished everyone to be healthy and beautiful. Begin to educate yourself with , because children often take their lead from the behavior of adults. Engage in enlightenment from kindergarten and learn to eat to be healthy. To her wishes joined athlete Dinara Safina . According to her health need lessons in schools , after warning of the dangers of bad habits, society gives boys a chance to be healthy.

LA Sidorkina believes that the solution to the problem is bilateral in nature and depends on the state and the patient. Explained that the changing nature of funding since 2014 , and from 2015 it will be of single-channel character, ie as it was in Soviet times , when our health care was considered one of the best in the world. And the Federal Law "On the basis of the health of citizens of the Russian Federation ," a lot of items on prevention .

2013 by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is held under the theme of prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis. In the centers of osteoporosis (currently in Russia for more than 50 ), you can get specialized help. O.B.Ershova believes that RAOP and " Osteorus " gained invaluable experience , there are specialists who developed clinical guidelines , pharmacies have all the necessary medicines , society needs the help of professionals.

 What does the state in order to change the situation, to increase the availability of diagnostic and professional care of patients with osteoporosis ? To talk was subject , prepared by treatment of the round table in the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Government of the need to recognize osteoporosis socially significant diseases , improving the availability and quality of care for patients with osteoporosis.

 Step to Health made ??strong women . What will be the return stroke of the state? Soon find out.


Victoria Sotskova ,

Yaroslavl -Moscow.

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