Salvador Dali masterpieces from the collection of Alexander Shadrin

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Posted on: 10/08/2014 15:46

Salvador Dali masterpieces from the collection of Alexander Shadrin 

          In Yaroslavl Museum of Foreign Art opened the exhibition "Masterpieces of Salvador Dali." Businessman from Ekaterinburg Alexander Shadrin brought in Yaroslavl 79 originals Spanish surrealist art. 

        His entire collection of approximately four times more and now is located in Dalian, China. It is planned to open a center of the Spanish culture, which will be led by Alexander Shadrin and demonstrated creativity Dali and Picasso from the collection of businessman. Initially, the idea was proposed to the authorities in Yekaterinburg. But found no support either, because at the time the elections were held and the mayor of the city officials have focused on the need to keep their jobs, or because the project was financially transparent. And the Chinese have seized and helped in the implementation of the project. 

              Since 2006, the collection on display in Russia. This year the exhibition from China went on a tour in Ukraine - Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Kiev. The changed political situation has adjusted the route. After the referendum, to determine the fate of the Crimea, Alexander made ??a kind of gift to the new subject of the Russian Federation - brought an exhibition in Sevastopol. From there, the collection arrived in Yaroslavl. Around since 2009, negotiated a demonstration collection in the city on the Volga. When opened the Museum of Foreign Art, the exhibition was the way. By Remark Schadrina, he first puts it in the chamber space. As a rule, it takes almost 250 square meters. m., to unfold in all its glory. Almost daily with the curator of the project, Alexei Viktorovich Fedorchuk, they thought, how to optimally place the exhibits. As a result, the collection harmoniously blended into the space of the museum. Exhibits - drawing, sculpture, ceramics and special atmosphere, literally, spouted imagination mixed with the philosophy of life, passions, fears and desire to impress the viewer a unique image, inherent in all works of the eccentric artist. 

           Shadrin told the backstory of the exhibition. First creativity Dali Soviet people saw in 1988. It was the desire of the artist to the show was the homeland of his wife Elena Dyakonova, which changed its name to emigration - Gala (Celebration). This exhibition arranged Argyle Pierre, the French publisher and kolllektsioner, in the Moscow Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin. Of this exhibition Schadrin bought several pieces already from the heirs of Pierre Argyle and they are on display in Yaroslavl. Another exhibition Dalis sculptures from the collection of Benjamin Levy (lawyer Dali) had a German collector in 1993 at the Tretyakov Gallery. In 1988 Shadrin met with an expert in the art of the French government and outlined a desire to rent or buy a collection of the Fund "Halo Salvador Dali" (three museum object in Figueras, Portligate, Pubol) or Benjamin Levy, a lawyer Dali, foreclosure during the life of the artist Dali copyrights (a museum of his Foundation "World of Dali" in London, Paris, Tokyo), or the owners of the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg (Florida, USA). Negotiations lasted more than a year, but as a result Shadrin in 2005 got what he wanted. There was a moment that made jittery. There were also recalls the scandals around the Swiss company "foot", which seize the assets of Russia abroad, reputational plume theft of the Hermitage. This fact indirectly influenced the relationship with the insurers and the impact on the size of the collection, but did not affect the monetary value. Schadrin redid the contract, put in a designated amount. The seller gave Levy. 

          Such activity requires substantial finance. When Schadrina asked how taking the money, he replied that his financial business, lending and investing, self-sufficient, allows him to do his hobby. According to him, investment in art - it is a delicate matter, requires knowledge. The issue of money is interesting man in the street. Schadrin invests in what he is interested in is an art - it is he warms the soul, although trade could bring more profits. "Creativity Dali - a phantasmagoria of emotion, said, - Alexander Shadrin, - I am not a fan of his personality, but like his work. It is impossible not to see that people are on the verge of pathology could realize themselves 100% .chto prevents many healthy way to fulfill themselves? Dali imposes spectator in his works his genius. "

           The schedule is a series of Dali "Human vices" with the image of sins. It seems that if you look at the anatomy of such defects in the breaking of the artist, it is possible to get rid of them, so they are unpleasant, literally, at the level of physiology. Here gluttony or overeating: disgusting VSHA, have stuck to her duck tongue pierced with a fork, and the cycle of vomiting ... 

Dali was a religious man, in his work there is this theme, sometimes in unexpected ways. For example, the sculpture "The vision of an angel": finger with sprouting trees in it and the person who grows in the ground, and for all those watching the angel, he become sad and one wing is based on the backup. Artist one it clear fluids society foresees the destruction of the spiritual component of European civilization. Or heres another angel - riding a snail. Snail combines the softness and hardness of live shells, a refuge from danger and the symbol time. Sculpture-molded, extremely heavy, once in transit under its weight was damaged pedestal. Also, a person is difficult and sometimes impossible to get rid of their vices, commitments, habits, like they generally make it a familiar environment in which he was hiding in moments of danger, but it makes it difficult to move forward, to change a life in spite of the circumstances. Angel could cause an acceleration of the process, and help the angel and snails have wings, but before taking the time to time it is negligible, so the angel - with crutch in hand. 

                Women in the work of Dali occupy a special place. Perhaps the reason - is that it is closed at the Gala. Hes like a surgeon enters the substance of the relationship between women and men, sees in this welter of holiness and sin. It seems that psychologists should prescribe insecure men and women look dosed creativity Dali that open to a clamped circumstances, inferiority complex or public morality natural destiny. In lithography, "Women Flower" dance of figures, overcome, the cat tails (the symbol of wickedness), the fish (symbol of holiness). Woman struggling internally with them when responding to the call of men. Interesting reading of womens mysteries Dali presented in the form of cabinets, he arranges them in a womans body: If you like the secret, then put it in a closet for something then maybe a woman will open another secret-box. This is his vision of the ancient "Venus de Milo", consisting of the lockers. 

            Impressive, as the artist turns over time. He almost physically palpable fluidity, irrevocable and constantly reminds us of this, that the future and the past is infinite, but now - it is a moment that thought he spent in the sculpture "Dancing Time". The image of the flowing of the dial - the invention of Dali, as well as many other designer finds - wrap "lollipop" perfume bottle in the form of the lips, etc. 

              It was the inventor, famous for the fact that he did everything he wanted, he lived to complete the program in their fears and strastyah.Pri this successfully sell their ideas. 

The exhibition runs until 28 September 2014. 

Victoria Sotskova 

RIA "National Alliance" 

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